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Reasons Why It Is So Cool To Play Guitar

I am probably the most boring friend you will ever meet! When I was in high school, i used to be that nerdy guy that you would never consider to hang out  it. I do not have any outlet or never been part of any extra curricular activities. I am not physically fit to join […]

What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

I am a music lover, an old school music lover to be precised! Although I prefer old songs, I actually don’t mind listening to those upbeat songs we have today unless i hate the melody or it has crappy lyrics to listen with. I love music indeed but if there is one thing that I […]

How to Play Harmonica

Does anyone knows how to play Harmonica? I got one from my cousin and he encouraged me to learn how to play this instrument. I failed with my piano lesson with him and so as the guitar so he’s hoping that I could somehow manage to play a Harmonica. They said that it is the […]