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Reasons Why It Is So Cool To Play Guitar

I am probably the most boring friend you will ever meet! When I was in high school, i used to be that nerdy guy that you would never consider to hang out  it. I do not have any outlet or never been part of any extra curricular activities. I am not physically fit to join the varsity and I am not wise enough to make it through our chess team. So generally, i spent my high school years doing nothing but the typical student routine without taking any courage to step out of my comfort zone.
Little did my friends and classmates know, i am really into music and if I can only turn back time, i could have joined an amateur high school band or even our school choir. I would love to play a guitar or sing in front of a crowd but of course, that’s just how i imagine myself in my day dreams. I just find it so cool if you know how to play an instrument and allow me to list down the reasons why.

It Could Be An Ideal Way To Channel Your Emotions
If you find it hard express your feelings through words, why not channel your emotions through music? Guitar or any form of musical instruments could be a perfect way to do so. I am so amazed by those people who knows how to express their feelings through music and how they can manage to connect such emotion to everyone who listens to them.

You Gain Friends With the Same Interest Without Trying Hard To Fit In
Like they said, birds of the same feather pluck together and it applies the same thing for people who shares the same interest with music. Those who play guitar doesn’t have to exert any effort just to fit in on a group he wants to be with (nobody should do that on the first place because people should accept you at your worst). I just find it amazing how you can easily gain friends by simply playing a guitar. If you play a guitar in front of a crowd , there’s definitely someone out there  who will not hesitate to jam in.

Coping Up With Stress
This could be related to the first one. Playing guitar could be a great way to cope up with stress. It could switch your attention to the chords you are playing rather than those things that bothers you. Of course, it is only a temporary solution but at least you gave your mind a time to rest so you can think clearer and possibly wiser.

It Could Be A Hobby or You Can Take It Professionally!
If you are bored or if you have a lot of time to spare, you can use your time playing instruments instead of wasting it on something useless an unproductive.  Guitars or any form of instrument whether a piano or even those bugles at guitar center can be learned and it could be an interesting progress. Take note that it is not a talent but a skill that you can yield. You can take it as a hobby or better yet you can do it professionally.

A Great Way to Impress Girls
Okay, this is me speaking in behalf of all men who just find it hard to court girls or to do something to catch their attention haha. It’s true, girls can easily be impressed by a guy who can strum guitar seamlessly. Not to mention if you got the total package (if you can sing well  and if you can compose your own songs).

So there you go, these are just few good reasons why it is so cool if you know how to play a guitar.

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

If there is one kind of musical instrument that I would love to master, it would be a guitar! I usually have this kind of perception that learning how to play a guitar is more of a talent rather than a skill but everything changed after that “Sulyap Sa Quiapo” lecture series. In one of the talks, the lecture speaker shared us his own experience on how he learned to play an ancient musical instrument.  He clearly told us that he is not a musical prodigy or whatsoever and he started out from nothing but with passion and willingness to learn, everything is possible. For someone like me who has no musical background,  I find it really inspiring and it made me realized that it is not too late for me to learn how to play the guitar. I came across a lot of websites and read numerous articles about guitars and now I am listing down 5 of the great reasons why someone should play guitar!reasons to platy guitar

1.There Is A Lot of Rooms To Explore! 

Once you have finally learned the basics, you can now put your skills into an all new level by exploring other techniques and styles. Playing guitars will indeed open a lot of rooms to explore. It will test the best of your creativity as you try to make your own music compositions. In addition to that, once you have mastered playing a basic guitar, you can soon venture to other types like bass or electric.

2. A Tool Of Expression

Much like how poets express their feelings through their poems and other form of writings, guitar players can do the same not just by writing their lyrics but also by composing a music that allows them to share their feelings to others.  Music can make a huge differences. It brings some kind of relaxing feeling that we can all embrace by simply listening to it.

3. An Effective Stress Reliever And Mind Sharpener

A Study shows that listening to music and playing musical instrument will take your mind off. It is a perfect way to unwind and to keep all your stress away. Listening or better yet making music will set your mood and will somehow at some point will help you forget all your worries and problems. There were also some studies that proves that those who play instrument have sharper brain function which can help them guard themselves against mental decline in the future.

4. A Great Way To Gain Friends That Shares The Same Passion

Although guitar is a kind of instrument that can be played alone, it actually works more effectively if it is accompanied by other musical instrument, thus a guitarist is often involved in a band or any music group. It doesn’t matter what kind of guitars you have! Whether you got greg bennett guitars, Fenders, Taylor or Gibson guitars, you can always find someone who is willing to jam with you! It’s just so nice that through this, you can easily find someone who shares the same passion with you which will eventually lead to a great friendship right?

5. It Gives You Confidence

How cool it is to see someone who knows how to play a guitar! The mere fact that people has this perception that those who knows how to play such instrument is cool will somehow give you a boost of confidence and something that will definitely enhance your self esteem. Playing guitar, after all, is an effective crowd pleaser!

What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

I am a music lover, an old school music lover to be precised! Although I prefer old songs, I actually don’t mind listening to those upbeat songs we have today unless i hate the melody or it has crappy lyrics to listen with. I love music indeed but if there is one thing that I really love to do in relation to it, that is to play an instrument. It has always been a dream for me to play any kind of instrument because I really find it cool that you can play any songs you want or you can even create or compose your own music. Unfortunately, it seems like this will never come true as I find it so hard to learn them. My cousin used to teach me how to play some chords with his guitar but none of them synced in. This made me realized that maybe playing instrument is more of a talent rather than a skill because only few are entitled to do it.
If ever i got the skill or the talent, I wonder what instrument should I play. Interestingly, I came across this interesting quiz at BlogThings that helps me identicy what Musical instrument should I play by simply answering five simple questions.
 photo 1_zpsmg2j6qkb.png

Is it weird to say that I never had a chance to attend a big concert? I never really find them so exciting because I am the kind of guy who doesn’t look forward to the singer but the song he or she sings, So if ever I am on a concert, do not expect me to scream like crazy when the singer started to grace the stage but I will surely wait for the songs I truly love best!

 photo 2_zpsihkxs5bg.png
I’m actually genius… nope… a prodigy…. just kidding! If there is one word to describe me, it’s BORING. Because I am probably the shyest person around and I will not even talk unless somebody approach me. As for my intelligence, well, i prefer doing everything alone not because I am selfish but for some weird reason, i find it more comfortable.
 photo 3_zpsabwua3ld.pngBeing a loner doesn’t mean you don’t do well with others. Of course, I can be very friendly and I am occasionally a joker but I used to show that funny side to the people I know very well, people I’m very close with but as I said, I prefer working alone. So maybe this is the reason I do not have best friends because I grew up with such depressing attitude. This is also the reason why I don’t socialize that much. I got many invites from blogger friends to join or meet them but I find it so hard to have a courage to do so (but I swear, i’m working on it ^_^)
 photo 4_zpsagkdfak8.png
If I got a musical career, I don’t want to hit it big time. I would rather be an indie artist with few loyal fans to support. That would be good enough for me. Will you buy tickets to my concert if ever?
 photo 5_zpshzjioqro.png
Nothing on this list suits my personality other than being Peaceful and quite Introverted! Yes it’s me but honestly, I want to change it for good. I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want to grow old with no friends at all. Let us put it this way, If I want my life to be written in a book, I don’t want its pages to be empty, I want it to be filled with so much great memories and that’s exactly what I am working on (Gosh, too much drama right?)
 photo 6_zps2isjioic.png
So the result tells me that I should Play Guitar. That’s what I did but I guess it was not enough, maybe a little more practice! Upon searching some guitar sites like the http://guitarcenter.com, I found out that there are so many kinds of guitar to play. There’s acoustic, electric and more. Should I take another quiz to see which guitar should I play? LOL. Anyway, how about you? What instrument do you play or what instrument you would like to learn?Feel free to take this quiz too : blogthings.com/whatmusicalinstrumentshouldyouplayquiz/

How to Play Harmonica

PhotobucketDoes anyone knows how to play Harmonica? I got one from my cousin and he encouraged me to learn how to play this instrument. I failed with my piano lesson with him and so as the guitar so he’s hoping that I could somehow manage to play a Harmonica. They said that it is the easiest instrument to play and it is by far the most portable instrument I know that you can bring anywhere. However, despite of that, they said that Harmonica is one of the most difficult instrument to master. It’s funny because even though I do not have any idea how to play a song using a Harmonica, I can still produce soothing melody for some reason.

Proper breathing is indeed the key to play this wind instrument effectively. My cousin actually advised me to practice breathing with my diaphragm. I tried to play it myself but I can hardly tell what kind of tone I’m producing. I wonder how long will it take for me to master at least a single piece. Actually, Harmonic can go well with guitars. Remember Alanis Morissette when playing her “Hands in My Pocket”. She managed to play her Harmonica while playing her guitar which came up with a very wonderful interlude.  Here’s a video of her amazing performance.

She actually did the same thing with her “Head Over Feet”. Anyway, since my cousin has guitars , I should do my best to master this instrument. It might take time I know but I will try my best.  Playing Harmonica while playing the guitar especially if you have radial guitar effects at home will deliver a wonderful performance indeed.  Now, to prove you more that Guitar and Harmonica can play along with each other perfectly. Check Mang Tomy’s version of “Lift your Hands”

Mang Tomy became an internet sensation after someone saw his performance and posted it in YouTube. What an inspiration indeed!