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[ FOOD ] RUINS Food Market By Las Tiendas in Cavite City

From the organizers behind the successful Las Tiendas in Kawit (Check : Kawit by Night & Las Tiendas) comes another food market soon to rise here in Cavite City ~ The Ruins. They just had their soft opening last Friday (March 24).
20170324_180749tThe Ruins is located in Samonte Park, PN Cavite City. It is situated just beside the Cavite City Hall , the former location of  Patio Encarnation. Much like the Las Tiendas in Kawit, Ruins is also a food market composed of different merchants but this one is special on its own right as it follows a certain theme.20170324_173526tThe Food Market is aptly named Ruins because of its notable rustic atmosphere which is seemingly inspired from a much more established “Cafe by the Ruins” restaurants. Once you enter the place, you will be welcomed by these wooden tables and benches. The decorative lights are very much eye catching too.20170324_180522tThe White-washed walls, the breeze coming from the sea side, the luscious greens are just complimenting well to each other.
Inside the Ruins is a more spacious area to dine. It offers an equally refreshing atmosphere. 20170324_173922tHere you will find more merchants but since this is just a soft opening I expected to see few but I’m sure these numbers will eventually grow. I have learned that some of the merchants here also have their own branches in Las Tiendas in Kawit.20170324_173856tRight now, they are looking for more merchants

The Merchants So Far

20170324_174321tThe first pair of merchants to welcome you caters refreshers. Brewlala offers wide variety of drinks both hot and cold. They got Iced tea, Frappes and Coffee!20170324_174342tAnd even Fresh fruit shakes too!
20170324_174259tOn the other side is another merchant catering fresh juices infused with real fruits
20170324_174413tTacos and Nachos
20170324_174455tD’Bez Style Shawarma20170324_174703t20170324_174735tCongee20170324_174810tTokwa’t Baboy20170324_175119tAnd there goes my fresly cooked Shawarma20170324_175404t20170324_175802tThe Ruins by Las Tiendas is strategically located in a place that often gets crowded and it is so nice that we finally have a new place to hang out with.  With affordable foods and cozy ambiance, it is definitely a thumbs up for me!

Ruins by Las Tiendas is open every Tuesdays to Sundays From 3PM to 12 MN

What Are the Other things That Could Make this Food Market more inviting?
►More Merchants with unique products
►Wider food options (It would be nice to see a diverse of foods from different international cuisines)
►Concerts or musicians by night

Allow me to give you a quick video tour to Ruins By Las Tiendas, feel free to watch the video below (and don’t forget to subscribe *wink)

Biyaheng Antipolo : Things You Should Buy When Visiting Antipolo

Victory Pasalubong Center is one of the most popular destinations in Antipolo where you can buy the town’s famous delicacies

A trip to Antipolo will not be completed without buying any pasalubong. Antipolo is not just the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines but also the home of some of the delightful delicacies. Now allow me to list down the things that you should definitely buy when visiting Antipolo!

“Suman of Antipolo”
20161203_160310tPossibly one of the trademarks of Antipolo, their famous “kakanin” (Filipino delicacies) and one of the most popular is their “suman”. Interestingly, the production of suman actually originated in Cainta (another town in Rizal) but it gained popularity in Antipolo. Suman of Antipolo is basically made from the rice called “Malagkit” (Glutinous rice) and coconut milk (gata) and wrapped in so-called “kampil” while others are calling it as “ibos”, thus is is often. The suman is best eaten when being dipped with coco jam (latik) or sugar.

“Mangoes”dsc03661If you want to eat your Suman with a twist, then you better pair it with Antipolo’s sweet mangoes. Most restaurant in Antipolo will serve their suman with mangoes (a perfect pair to balance the flavor as it offers a decent amount of sweetness and a pinch of sourness). Antipolo is known for their mangoes (both green (unripe) and yellow). Photo Credit : https://lifesabliss.wordpress.com

“Roasted Kasoy (Cashew Nuts)”20161203_161207tAnother popular “pasalubong” from Antipolo is their roasted cashew nuts or kasoy.  They said that Antipolo’s kasoy is the best tasting cashew nuts in the country  and considering how many people patronizing the product despite of being very pricey only proved that they gave justice to what they are claiming. If you have “suki” (especially in Victory Pasalubong Center – just beside the Antipolo Cathedral), you might get Kasoy in great discounts.  Interestingly, Kasoy is now available in wide variety of flavors including garlic, adobo and even barbeque.

The popularity of these products in Antipolo gave birth to one of their notable festivals known as the “Sumakah festival”. The term “SUMAKAH” is basically an acronym for Suman, Manga, Kasoy and Hamaka (an old means of transportation in Antipolo). It’s a month-long Festival which is held every May but the grandest of them all is on May 1 (which also mark as the start of their Pilgrimage Season – Check The First Procession)

“Kalamay”20161203_161214tAnother Antipolo’s sweet delicacy is their sticky “kalamay”.  Kalamay is  generally made of coconut milk, brown sugar, paldo, latik, and ground glutinous rice. It is often topped with dark sweet coconut glaze and is usually wrapped in banana leaves.

“Suman sa Lihiya”
20161203_160339tSuman sa Lihiya is just another variety of suman in Antipolo. It is however, prepared in a slightly different procedure with their typical Suman. This one is made with lye water (a typical ingredient mostly applied on another kakanin – the kutsinta). Instead of ibos or buri or palm leaves, Suman sa Lihiya is usually tightly wrapped in banana leaves.

“Religious Items”
20161203_074209TSince the city of Antipolo is known for its pilgrimage sites, it is not really surprising to find a lot of religious items being sold. You can find an overwhelming amount of religious items just outside the Antipolo Cathedral. You can spot different figurines depicted various saints and images (especially the image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) and a whole lot more (rosary, bracelets, scapulars and keychains)

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[Food] Massive Munchies Now In Manila!

Dumaguete-based Massive Munchies is now set to conquer the Metro with their delightful and rich-tasting pocket pies! The company which is interestingly founded by two business-minded young individuals (Tad Angara and Dexter Bautista) decided to bring their famous pocket pies in the heart of Manila.
They just had a soft opening last Saturday (February 18). They set up a small outlet in F Hidalgo Street in Quiapo just in front of the Manuel L Quezon University and they are planning to add more outlets soon, hoping to experience the same success that the company had in Dumaguete.  Massive Munchies has been in operation since 2014; with just one store initially branching out into 3 in just 2 years.  With their products that are available in such affordable and reasonable prices without compromising the quality and the taste, it is not impossible for Massive Munchies to capture the heart of Manileños.

Mr Tad Angara, one of the store’s founders, warmly welcome us (bloggers) in their soft opening in Quiapo. He cheerfully tell us their humble beginning and how this business started out from a simple idea and how they struggle to make it grow. Surprisingly, despite of having no formal business training, the two managed to establish their first business successfully and the response from the people of Dumaguete was simply overwhelming.
About four years ago, we started this company in Dumaguete City with only about 25k capital and then with no formal business training, no mentorship from anyone, it was hard and there was time we thought about giving up… but with right attitude and by utilizing every resources we got.. especially the Internet, we were able to maintain it” Mr Tad Angara

Massive Munchies is mainly catering “pocket pies”  which is currently consists of 4 amazing flavors to choose from. Each of the flavors are quite unique and are very much packed full of flavor. Each hot pocket meat pie cost around a measly Php 39 for it’s regular size to PHP 59 for it’s King size option – which is truly a total steal!

Each of this delectable goodie is available for both dine-in (solo/combo meal) and take-out (5/10pcs box) orders.

Cheesy PepperonipieThe Cheesy Pepperoni Pocket Pie marked the beginning of Massive Munchies; as it’s signature flavor it truly is a crowd favorite! It’s when Italian cuisine meets Filipino’s ingenuity! One of their best sellers! a definite must try!

Cheesy Taco
wsrCHEESY TACO The Mexican PocketPie with a whole lotta cheesy goodness. A definite perfect fit for every cheese lover out there! With this much cheese on it, you would totally crave for more!

Beefy Mushroom
dggBEEFY MUSHROOM – Simply BEEF Stroganoff in a pie! – Tender slices of beef sauteed in rich mushroom sauce makes this pocket meat pie a true meaty lovers’ favorite!

Tuna LasagnagggTUNA LASAGNA , Massive Munchies treat to our health conscious peers!, This pocket meat pie is definitely a healthier option! For those who love lasagna but are into lesser calories? Try this! tastes like lasagna, but is made from tuna.

They are planning to bring more of their menus from their flagship store in Dumaguete in their Manila outlet soon. In addition to that, Mr Angara mentioned that they will be offering healthier options pretty soon (he mentioned about Baked pocket pies instead of deep fried).

Additional flavors like Cheesy Sisig, Chicken Inasal, Cheesy Hungarian, Chocolate Fudge, Mango Bango, Apple Pie and Banana Caramel were all under development and could be part of their growing menu (possibly on the shop’s grand lunch which could be 3 or 4 months from now).
32893336331_e4d1a19516_otMassive Munchies Pocket Pies33019603405_6ce973ddcd_otThey were generous enough to give us a box full of this pocket pies. Cheesy Pepperoni is my personal favorite and it is not really surprising why this flavor is one of their best sellers32977927846_317a0e7ec8_otBeefy Mushroom is equally delicious too
32893366271_a685245dde_otAccording to Mr Angara, some of their customers in Dumaguete used to buy their pies raw (uncooked) so they can store it in the fridge for several days and cook or bake it afterwards.
33019532145_cb0747a411_otAside from the pies, they also gave us this cool black shirt sporting their company’s logo. I also learned that they are offering Massive Munchies hoodies and shirts too which are exclusively available online (you can check them here – http://shirt.ly/massivemunchies)

For more updates about Massive Munchies, feel free to visit their Social Media pages below
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/MassiveMunchiesPH
Instagram : @massivemunchies

Feel free to watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!

[Food] Cabalen Opens Another Branch in SM Mall Of Asia

Cabalen recently opened another branch in SM Mall of Asia and this time it is located at the 2nd Floor of Southwing Bayview Area. Cabalen restaurant has always been very close to my heart. I still remember those times when my mom will take me and my siblings here and we used to take advantage of their Eat all you can buffet by filling our plates with almost every piece of their menu.
For three decades, Cabalen never failed to deliver the best dishes while remaining faithful in providing nothing but high quality menu for every Filipino since 1974. Tracing back the restaurant’s humble origin, they started as a simple Bahay Pasalubong Restaurant in Pampanga (Cabaelen actually means “Fellow Kapampangan). From there, the store grew up and eventually became an Eat All You Can buffet restaurant that we all grew up loving with.
Cabalen expanded and opened many branches all over the country catering a wide range of the best and authentic Kapampangan dishes and many other popular Pinoy specialties. Some of their branches including the one in SM Megamall, Robinsons Place Manila and the ones in SM Mall of Asia (including the Southwing Bayview Area) covers Asian Cuisine dishes. The Grand Opening of the newest branch in SM Mall of Asia just kicked off last Wednesday (February 8, 2017) and I’m so grateful to be invited to cover the said event.
The Ambiance
Cabalen has remained faithful to their concept. They provide an interesting rustic atmosphere. The wooden tables and chairs are interesting enough to make you feel like visiting the province and eating in native carinderia. To compliment with such interesting theme, some Cabalen branches also play Folk songs in the background which gives you that exciting feeling when attending those traditional Fiesta in the province.
The Food
One thing I love about Cabalen is that despite of the fact that you are dining in a mall, the food will somehow make you feel that you were eating at home since their menu are those typical Filipino specialties that we all grew up loving with. This is probably one great reasons why most Balikbayans are patronizing the restaurant. I also think that if you have Foreign friends who want to taste the Filipino cuisine, Cabalen would be a perfect place for them to taste those iconic Pinoy dishes without the need of traveling one province to another. Cabalen offers a wide selection of viands, appetizers, salads, soups and desserts!20170208_104125tLumpiang Hubad20170208_104217tTokwa’t Baboy20170208_104234tCrispy Crablets20170208_104320tCrispy Kangkong20170208_104517tKare-Kare (One of their best-sellers)20170208_104541tAdobong Manok20170208_104630tGatang Kuhol20170208_104706tPakbet Kapampangan20170208_104757tBeringhe20170208_104829tPancit Puti20170208_104955tBangus Inasal20170208_105033tPork Sisig20170208_105050tAtsarang Singkamas20170208_105101tAtsarang Gule20170208_105107tAtsarang Papaya20170208_105121tPampanga’s Tocino20170208_113135tLonganisa20170208_113111tLechon20170208_105159tCatfish with Mango Salad20170208_105221tFried Chicken With Lemon20170208_105258t20170208_105307tWide variety of Sushi20170208_105337tHalo-halo ingredients (Self-service)20170208_105345tTibok-tibok20170208_105354tMaja Kalabasa20170208_105419tFresh Fruits20170208_105439tSampelot20170208_105451tMintamis Na Saging20170208_105552tSoup (Bulalo With Mais)20170208_110001t
The Service
We were all welcomed by their friendly crews. They are very approachable and accommodating. One of their crews never stopped approaching me to refill my glass with Iced Tea and I do not even need to look for one just to have another glass. I also approached them to wave in my video and they do it cheerfully without any hesitation and I really appreciate that (watch the video below)20170208_110111tOne thing I learned about an Eat all You Can buffet is that it is more ideal to take only the portion that you can consume. Some people , for practical reason, used to take advantage of the Eat all you can privilege by taking almost everything on the menu and filling their plate full but often ends up wasting a large portion of them. Interestingly, wasting food is a Big No for Cabalen that’s why they came up with so-called “Clean Plate Policy” which encourages people to consume everything on their plate and leaving no trace because for every 100g of leftovers, the customer must pay an additional Php100 charge.

“Malaus Ko Pu!” (Kapampangan term for Kain Na! – Let’s eat!)

20170208_113552tThe Price
For Cabalen SM Mall of Asia Branch that caters both Filipino and Asian Cuisine, the regular buffet starts at Php398 which is absolutely reasonable!
For More updates, feel free to Visit Cabalen’s social media pages below
Webpage : http://cabalen.ph
Facebook: http://facebook.com/cabalenrestaurant
Instagram : http://instagram.com/cabalenph
Twitter : http://twitter.com/cabalenPH

Allow me to give you a quick tour to Cabalen’s newly opened branch in SM Mall of Asia! Feel free to watch the video below and please don’t forget to subscribe