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Baler Escapade : Caunayan Falls of San Luis

We left Mama Nene’s transient house to proceed to our next destination. The original plan is to take us all in the white sand beach of Digisit and then experience crossing the hanging bridge (also in Baler). We were also aiming to visit the Ditumabo Falls (also known as the Mother Falls) but we encountered […]


Baler Escapade : Where To Stay In Baler?

In case you are looking for a place to stay in Baler, you actually do not have to worry that much. One thing I realized when I went to Baler is that you can spot an overwhelming amount of transient houses, hometels, hotels, lodges almost everywhere. You will not run out of option no matter […]


Baler Escapade : The Baler’s Town Plaza

We packed our things and left the transient house before 10 am. We were told last night that we will have three more destinations for our second and apparently our last day in Baler. If the plan will be followed, we will head to Digisit Beach and experience the white sand beauty of that place; […]