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Six Greatest “Geeky Conventions” In Philippines 2016

It has been a fruitful year for me! I have accomplished so many things that are beyond my expectations. I was able to check off most of the items on my bucket list for this year and I am completely satisfied with it. Don’t worry, this is not yet my year-ender post but I just made this special entry to list down six of the greatest conventions I have ever attended this year (cuz I don’t think there will be any “geeky” conventions this coming December).  I know this blog is all about my personal travels and pilgrims but sometimes the geek in me comes out and I can’t help to share my personal geeky adventures.  This year was a great blast because i was able to attend some of the biggest conventions of 2016. So without any further ado, here are my list of six greatest conventions of 2016.
1. ToyConPh 2016 (June 2016)
Among all the geeky conventions in the Philippines, ToyConPH has a very high reputation and is probably considered as the longest running convention in the country.  ToyCon is an annual pop culture event that gathers hard core toy collectors, otakus, video gamers, cosplayers and fans together. ToyCon celebrated their 15th anniversary with a vast of wonderful improvements. This yearly event which started way back in 2002 brought by The Asian Comics, Toys and Hobbies Collective Inc. as a convention exclusively for toy collectors has grown so much and is now recognized by the international industry of toys, comics, movies and anime. This year, they have invited Hollywood stars like Daniel Logan (Boba Fett), Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon (Twilight Saga), Heffron Drive, and Kristian Nairn (Hodor of GoT). Encantadia cast also made waves as they tease their series reboot. The event also highlights the 25 ft tall statue of Voltes V in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

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2. History Con Asia 2016 (August 2016)
History Con 2016 is the first ever convention of its kind. It is done in celebration of all things entertainment with History Channel leading the way. It was actually a very random convention and it has so many things to offer but one thing is clear, the event aimed to break history by making world records.  It has so many things to offer, historically relevant exhibits, Car shows, International celebrity guests, an overwhelming amount of contests and tournaments. The event features celebrities from local and international media. Some of their guests insludes Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens, Ian Matthews, Damon Runyan and whole lot more. One of my personal favorites is the overwhelming amount of antique collections which are all very nostalgic.

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3. AsiaPop Comicon 2016 (August 2016)
AsiaPop Comicon 2016 is probably one of the biggest and highly anticipated conventions held in our country this year. The event featured a powerful line of celebrities (local and international), entertainments guests, comic artists, cosplayers and a whole lot more that brought the ultimate fan experience! Some of the guests of this year’s AsiaPop Comicon includes Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Warm Bodies, Skins and Mad Max) , Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), Joe Dempsie (Game Of Thrones), and Claire Holt (Vampire Diaries and H2O: Just Add Water). On top of these great celebrities, the event also features some exclusive activities and happenings including the intriguing Hall M which is only restricted to 1000 attendees.

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4. Cosplay Mania 2016 (October 2016)
Dubbed as the biggest Cosplay convention in the country. Cosplay Mania 2016 is a two day event and was held at SMX Center in Mall of Asia.Cosmania was the first ever convention I have attended way back in 2012 and since then, I have been patronizing this convention as it brings out the inner geek in me! The event is not just for Cosplayers alone but it also featured an overwhelming amount of booths that are certainly for certified otakus. They had a slight increase with their ticket pricing though which includes the Gold tickets which allows convention goers to watch the concert at 7pm. They have also invited some of internationally acclaimed cosplayers like Kaname, Yukari Shimotsuki, Tomia, Rumi and more. Of course, one of the highlights here are the cosplay competition.

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5. Blogapalooza Horizon 2.0 (Novemeber 2016)
Blogapalooza is a huge blogging convention that gathers an overwhelming amount of social media influenser and bloggers and businesses together. Blogapalooza is a Business to blogger networking and marketing event. This event allows the businesses/ brands to present and promote their products to bloggers and social media influencers. This event could also be a perfect way for the two (Business and Bloggers) to collaborate with each other for their own benefits. This year was a big blast for Blogapalooza. They didn’t just manage to invite various blogger community outside Manila but they also had a very successful launch of the country’s first ever influencer marketing platform, the country’s first ever influencer marketing platform, the Buzzin.

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15095705_658389197663863_647031914625759985_nPhoto Credit : The Geekery Philippines
6. Komikon 2016 (November 2016)
Komikon is an annual comics convention in the Philippines and what really makes it even more interesting is the fact that this convention promotes our very own comics artists and their marvelous mastepiece. Too bad I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Komikon 2016 and I keep myself updated through their official Facebook Page. Some of the highlights includes the newly launched Pedro Penduko comic series inspired from the original Francisco Coching, Zuma by Hal Santiago, Lingon by Mel Casipit and more. Another interesting highlights is the exhibit od reinterpreted artworks of Mars Ravelo in celebration of the artists’ 100th Anniversary.

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Main Stage Events of AsiaPop Comicon 2016

Aaaand finally, here comes the entry to conclude my APCC experience. Sorry for the delay because I got too busy with other things but allow me to post this anyway haha. For my final entry, i would like to highlight the main stage events where the celebrity guests will grace the stage either for a brief conversation with the host or fans or to perform. Much like any conventions you may not have the opportunity to see all the guests in one day as they all have different schedules and days of appearances. If you are lucky enough, you might have a chance to spot them signing autographs on their respective booths.20160828_144921tYou are lucky if you spotted artists too. I was really grateful to see Glaiza De Castro at the event. She was on a hurry though yet I managed to take this shot after she got ambushed by reporters. Go Pirena!

Joe Dempsie
I spotted Joe Dempsie near the Center stage for photo opps and Autograph signing session with his fans. Joe Dempsie was best known for his role as Chris Miles for the tv series “Skins” along side with Nicholas Hault who is apparently one of the celebrity guests of the event. Joe Dempsie was recently scene in the hit series Game Of Thrones as Gendry and also with a one off drama “The Gamechangers” alongside with Daniel RadcliffeIMG_1012t

Cosplay Panel Session
IMG_1072tSince I failed to make it through the Hall M- Marvel Showcase, i had to spend two more hours exploring the booths on the ground floor while waiting for the main stage to open. Unfortunately, i enjoyed navigating the event and so I missed the comic panel session with Jason Palmer, Whilce Portacio, Ken Lashley, Billy Tan and Mike Zeck. Good thing I made it on time for theor Cosplay Panel session which features some of my favorite cosplayers.IMG_1075tThe Cosplay panel is composed of highly profiled Cosplayers including Riki Lecotey “Riddle”, Ani Mia, Myrtle Sarrosa and Yugana Senshi Uron. They entertained questions from their beloved fans. I personally enjoyed Yugana’s presence in the said session and how she add humor in all her answers. IMG_1087tIMG_1088tRiki Lecotey, Myrtle Sarrosa, Yugana Shenshi Uon and Ani Mia

Beauty Panel Session
IMG_1090tOkay, i wasn’t able to relate myself much with the beauty session panel but it’s very interesting to know more about these gorgeous ladies and their own beauty tips and secrets which are truly beneficial for ladies. The Beauty panel session includes beauty bloggers/ vloggers Say Tioco and the stylish sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso.
IMG_1096tIMG_1116tThe host (sorry I forgot the name), Say Tioco, Vern and Verniece Enciso

Nicholas Hoult
IMG_1119tFans were in rage after his name was announced and they went insane as soon as this guy graced the stage! Yes, it’s Nicholas Hoult who was recently scene portraying the role of the Beast in X-Men Apocalypse. Hoult was known for many film and tv roles including Tony Stonem in Skins, his highly acclaimed performance as “Nux” in Mad Max : Fury Road and “R” in Warm Bodies. IMG_1126tIMG_1159t

Fans went insane after this brief message from Hoult. Watch this video below

Vader’s Apprentice by Fightsaber Philippines
IMG_1163tStar Wars fan will surely enjoy this cool performance and dramatization from Fightsaber Philippines. The play was entitled Vader’s Apprentice.IMG_1175t

Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (The CAGE) Kid’s Category FinalsIMG_1182tSeeing Cosplayers wearing this colorful costumes adorned with amazing details is truly awesome but seeing kids doing it and giving justice to their character is even more amazing. IMG_1187t

Hiroshi KitadaniIMG_1198tThe guy who made my day!  I am a big fan of One Piece and Hiroshi is the voice behind one of the anime’s most iconic songs. His debut Single “We Are” was used as the first opening theme song for One Piece and it was a huge hit! Kitadani didn’t just offered one song but five of his big hits including songs from JAM project.
IMG_1200tIMG_1202tIMG_1209tHere’s Hiroshi performing his biggest hit “We Are”

Comics Artists And Cosplayers From Asiapop Comicon 2016

They are not going to call it “Comicon” for no reason. It’s a Comic Convention so if there is one thing that you should really expect from this event, its everything about comics or any form of media related to them (whether they are movies, drawings, digital arts , toys and more). The event will not just gather geeky fans but they also give some of our own comic artists to showcase their crafts! In addition to that, this post will also be dedicated to some of the cool cosplayers that I spotted in the event. Don’t worry guys this post will not be as long as the first one but if you are interested, feel free to check my personal choice of 20 Most Amazing Booths from the Asiapop Comicon 2016

Comics, Comic Artists, Books and Arts
IMG_0967tFully Booked is one of the event’s sponsors and their booth features a huge collection of books that are sold in great discounts. 20160828_132347tIf there is one thing I realized when attending such convention is that you should always arm yourself with extra money in your pocket because you can never tell what kind of treasure you can find! If you are an avid comic collector, then this booth is absolutely the perfect spot you shouldn’t missed! They offered an overwhelming amount of back issues from different comic series( be it Marvel or DC) and they are all being sold in such low price starting from Php100!


Frederick Corder (Creator/Writer) , Jerk Flores and John Carlo Sabino (Artists) of PocketsFullaPillz

While exploring one booth to another during the event, I came across this very interesting spot of PocketsFullaPills (PFP) that showcased some of their interesting merchandises including a comic series entitled RocketGirl. A guy suddenly approached me and welcome me so enthusiastically and little did I know, he is one of the men behind this independent comic series. PocketsFullaPills is a 3-man team who successfully released a series of comics that has ignited the Manila underground. Their debut title is Rocketgirl which follows a story of a Fil-Am  CIA rookie named Rashida Jackson who was abducted by some kind of goons and was forced to intake a neuro enhancing drug and was shot dead but for some reason she went back to life in a seemingly different persona and is seemingly hungry for revenge. I recently saw their teaser trailer in which Rashida is being portrayed by model Maria Herrera and it has some Lucy-vibes on it for some reason but in a different attack. The booth also features the so-called JeAA X PFP ( The Suit, The Machine ) 1/6 scale urban art toy, another amazing project of their team.

Francisco V Coching
20160828_133002tOne of my most favorite booths from the AsiaPop is this one! The booth of the National Artists Francisco Coching! The classic Comics covers really took my attention. I was not familiar with most of them but seeing these amazing replicated covers from a National Artist is truly a great experience. It feels like you are taken back in time! Aside from the covers, another thing that took my interest is the National Artist medal that was on display! (You can check it here). Coching by the way is the man behind some iconic comic characters like Hagibis, Pedro Penduko and more. He is also dubbed as the “King of Komiks” and as  the “Dean of Philippine Comics”.

Pedro Penduko
20160828_132546tSpeaking of Pedro Penduko, it is nice to know that the iconic comic character is making a huge comeback but in an all new different interpretation. The newly launched graphic novel is written by Regene Estolatan. The novel is composed of eight chapters (all in glossy pages). The writers and the artists were all in the event for autograph signing sessions. 20160828_132633tMs Regene Estolatan signing the books. I’m not aware with the Pedro Penduko : The Legend Begins story yet but just the mere fact that Epik Studios decided to bring the character back really excites me and I can’t wait to have a copy of my own!20160828_132625tArtist Jerome Jagonia did all the visuals for this Graphic novel. Based on the cover, it seems like Pedro Penduko is once again depicted on his teenage years. They also took that Curly-haired image of Pedro Penduko as depicted by Matt Evans in the Tv Series. I can see more of the Janno Gibbs version in this one!

Paolo Herras
20160828_132827tFilm Director and Comic Book Writer Paolo Herras also showcased some of his creations at the recently held AsiaPop Comicon. Some of his notable works shown in the event includes Strange Natives (a series of one-shots featuring strangers in their native land) and Sumpa. Other books from this book that are worth seeing is JP Palabon’s Puso Negro20160828_132833tA Haley Quinn inspired drawing

20160828_133202tAnother eye catching comics that took my attention during the APCC is Agila written by JC Panlilio with visuals from JV Fuentecilla and Aljon Perdon. I failed to get enough info about this comic series though but it features a very Filipino-inspired character, a new Pinoy superhero that we should look forward to! Agila was one of the comics hailed as the Best Student Komiks and Best Artists from the recently held Komiket 2016. 20160828_133227tSome sketches and drawings by artist Aljon Perdon

Raymund Bermudez’ Balete Sketch Book
20160828_133307tI failed to get much details about it but the art really took my attention during the event. It is a concept book by Raymund Bermudez. I wasn’t able to check the rest of the pages of his concept book but I find the sketches really intriguing. The title alone is already a mystery for me. It seems worth checking though

Rico Rival and Danny Acuña
20160828_133418tNothing can be more exciting that seeing the real artists showing his talents LIVE! I was really focusing here when I saw Mr Rico Rival doin a portrait sketch (I’m not sure if the guy is aware that Mr Rival is sketching him). Rico Rival is a storyboard artist, better known as a comic book artist. He got his first major break illustrating the comic Maruja for Pilipino Komiks in 1965. In 1970, he moved from the Philippines to the United States where he began providing art on titles for D.C. and Marvel Comics. During the 80s, he dabbled in animation, working as a designer and storyboard artist on “The Transformers: The Movie”, and a designer on The Transformers season 3. Other shows he worked on included BraveStarr, The Karate Kid and Kid ‘n’ Play. He later returned to the Philippines to rejoin the comic industry there. That guy in red in far left side is mr Danny Acuña.. too bad I wasn’t able to take a shot (sobrang nafocus kasi ako sa pagssketch ni Mr Rival eh haha)

The event also invited some internationally acclaimed comic artists such as Billy Tan, Jason Palmer, Ken Lashley, Mike Zeck, and Whilce Portacio (Creator of X-men’s Bishop)

The next page will bring you some of the cool cosplayers I’ve met at the event

20 Most Amazing Booths From AsiaPop Comicon 2016! The #EffortMuch APCC2016 Post

AsiaPop Comicon 2016 is probably one of the biggest and highly anticipated conventions held in our country this year alongside with other big and exciting conventions held prior to this event including the ToyConPh 2016 and the HistoryCon Asia 2016. AsiaPop Comicon is undeniably the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the country as the event features a powerful line of celebrities (local and international), entertainments guests, comic artists, cosplayers and a whole lot more that surely brings the ultimate fan experience!
It was actually a 3 day event which started from August 26-28 but I was only able to attend the last day (Sunday) since I was in History Con on the 27th (Saturday) but it was really a blast for me. Unlike the other well established conventions here in the Philippines, AsiaPop Comicon is relatively new and in fact, they just started last year and it was a major success. They were able to invite huge Hollywood celebrities last year including Paul Bettany (from the Avengers Age of Ultron), Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), Colton Haynes (Arrow), and a whole lot more. This year, they were able to invite Hollywood celebrities but not as grand as last year. It was very unfortunate that two of their major celebrity guests failed to make it to the event including Hayley Atwelll of Agent Carter and  Holland Roden of Teen Wolf which brought a lot of disappointments.

Despite of the cancellations, the recent announcements put fans into thrill. Some of the guests of this year’s AsiaPop Comicon includes Nicholas Hoult (X-Men, Warm Bodies, Skins and Mad Max) , Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), Joe Dempsie (Game Of Thrones), and Claire Holt (Vampire Diaries and H2O: Just Add Water). On top of these great celebrities, the event also features some exclusive activities and happenings including the intriguing Hall M which is only restricted to 1000 attendees. The Hall M will unveil those never before seen trailers and other Marvel revelations! Too bad I wasn’t able to get a tag that will allow me to enter the Function hall where the exclusive event was held.  20160828_125233tSo while waiting for the next main stage event (i want to get there as early as possible to secure my seat haha) I decided to explore some of the booths. Today, I am listing down some of the most exciting booths from the recently held Asia Pop Comicon 2016. ( I excluded booths that features comics and comics artists because I am goin to put them all in a separate entry). Let’s start shall we?