Lady Gaga live in Manila

Lady Gaga deserves to be considered as the year’s biggest pop sensation. With her fantastic vocal quality and style, boundless energy and faboulous avant garde costumes, she undoubtedly created an innovative and enticing act that broke new grounds in pop music and culture. This new, trend-setting standard captivated millions around the world , spawning a […]


Jealousy have complex definitions. Dictionary definitions describe popular meanings of jealousy. Scientific definitions emphasize aspects of jealousy that have received attention in theory and research. Despite differences in wording and emphasis, definitions of jealousy usually share basic themes. These shared themes indicate jealousy is a meaningful concept. Jealousy can also be distinguished from concepts such […]

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

My brother and I were so addicted in watching TV and since he’s too young to watch some action films i have to stick with some cartoons too in order for me to get closer to him. One of the Tv programs that we ussualy watch and we’re a certified avid fan of is telecast […]