Outdoor Decors

Finally, I am done decorating my restaurant! Yup! You heard that right! I have a restaurant of my own and I am referring to my Restaurant in one of the most popular gaming applications in Facebook. I think I did well in decorating it especially the exterior part of it. I placed some Cornwall planter […]

Education Is Important

Education is very important. This is what my father always telling me.  I know his right but still, I disobeyed him. I thought I can handle everything on my own. I failed to finish my college and start working when I was 16. I thought everything is going perfectly for me and I thought I […]

Green Life in Paris (Part 2)

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with about 27 million tourists visiting per year.  It houses the most popular historical museums, theaters, libraries and structures. It has a very rich culture, and it is the home of many world-renowned chefs and restaurants. This is the continuation of my recent […]

Hospital Proper Sanitation

Remember my post about the spooky experience I had in the hospital. I was with my Auntie at that time when I felt that horrifying experience. Anyway, this post is nothing to deal with that ghost story but it is related to hospitals. If you’re in a private hospital, you may not experience this thing […]