PSP used as a school tool?

I was a bit shocked when i have read this news in a magazine stating that PSP is used as a school tool. It was said that student in Great Britain may soon find themselves going to chool with nothing but a Sony PSP in their pockets? Oh my how i wish that im residing […]

Zune in!

Do you love Music and fond in bringing on your MP3? Microsoft has jumped into the MP3 player pool with the Zune. Zune is a digital media player with 30GB of memory, a huge 3 inch LCD screen and an FM tuner. You can even share tracks wirelessly with a friend who has his own […]


Here’s another book that you should not miss to read. The book was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and it was entitled “FRAMED”. In Dylan‘s town, there aren’t many kids. In fact, he’s the only boy and his best friends are pair of chickens. Dylan named his chickens Michaelangelo and Donatello (hmmmm sounds like Mutant […]

The Secret order of the Gumm Street Girls

Have you read the book “The Secret order of the Gumm Street Girls”? It was written by Elise Primavera. The story starts from 3 young girls Franny, Pru and Cat. Franny, Pru and Cat have lived in the same place all their lives: Gumm Street in the picture perfect town of Sherbet, where it rains […]