Cutting Off Calories this Summer

Summer is here and as we all know, summer is almost wired to parties and parties are always associated with foods, a lot of foods. You’ll definitely have a hard time losing weight and cutting off the calories because it is hard to resist the temptation especially if you see those very tempting summer dishes. […]

Natural Colon Cleansing

I bet most of you are familiar with the medical procedure called “colon cleansing.” Colon cleansing is actually a therapy that removes toxins from the colon. A friend of mine has tried this procedure already. According to her, colon cleansing gives her a relaxing feeling after each procedure. Naturally, our body needs to be detoxified […]

Red Wine To Fight Inflamation?

I was reading the newspaper earlier this morning and i found a very interesting information about red wine. It was said that Drinking red wine may help fight infalmation in the body. Reservatrol, an antioxidant found in red wine protected mice  when they are exposed to a strong inflamatory agent. Mice was used as the […]

Eye Creams, What is it for?

Mom used to apply eye cream on her face every morning and every evening before going to bed. Well, I think it is pretty common to most of our moms to make use of this kind of product. But what are these eye creams for? Generally, eye creams are used to get rid of wrinkles […]