Losing Weight For Summer

Its summer already and almost everyone is planning out to spend their summer vacation by going to a beach! But for me, it’s not a good plan as off this moment simply because I don’t have enough confidence to face my friends. I don’t even have the confidence to take off my shirt in from […]

The Science of Sleep

Due to the global economic upheaval, local companies have become competitive when it comes to the services and products that they offer. This rings true especially to those from the business process outsourcing industry. As a result, more has been expected from employees. After all, bigger output and better quality can always lure in more […]

Job Search Online

Nowadays, I must say that finding a job is very hard. It’s either there are no vacancies or you are not qualified enough for the position that you are applying for. We are still suffering from global financial crisis that brought a lot of business establishment into closure. It is probably the main reason why […]

The fish that can Switch Gender

If human can switch gender anytime they want i guess confession like what Ricky Martin did stating he’s a gay is not a big deal to everyone. But dd you know that there’s a creature that can actually switch its gender. Yup! you heard that right! i have read this from a book stating that […]