Replacing our Toilet!

We’re having an ongoing reconstruction in our house. We wanted to change the ceilings and replace the roofs before the rainy season comes. Last year, we really had so much trouble because the water is leaking down from the roof causing our ceiling to break down. (Workers fixing our ceilings) (our roof after replacing the […]

Quick Healthy Recipes For my Nephews

I cooked my all time favorite “Pinakbet” yesterday to filled up my hungry stomach. “Pinakbet” is a popular Filipino dish. It is a native Ilocano dish in specific. There’s nothing really hard and special in cooking this kind of dish knowing that it’s just a mixture of stir fried vegetables. I definitely love this dish […]

Staying Away From Buffet Part 2

Here’s the last part of out discussion about staying away from buffet. The best way to keep your self away from buffet is do not sit near buffet tables.The sight not to mention the smell, of food is too tempting to resist. Don’t test yourself. Choose a healthier spot. Exercise is Essential. During the holiday […]