Teaching Preparations

Teaching kids will test your patients so the most important thing that you have to consider is to control your temper. Never shout , scold, hit or whip them because of their mistakes or because its hard for them to pick up your words. This practices will loose their motivation to their studies and may […]

Please get well soon!

My Maternal grandmother was diagnosed to have a Liver Cancer. She is suffering from severe pain. Aside from her cancer, her Glaucoma, an eye disease, caused her to become totally blind. I felt so much pity for her but I know God has a reason for everything. According to her doctor, this condition is actually […]

Fashion Frames

Eyeglasses serve as the main tool for eye protection and vision correction. Nowadays, this pair of eyeglasses has become more useful and plays a very important role especially in the fashion industry. Just like contact lenses, these eyeglasses are also used as a fashion statement. As you wear your fashion eye glasses it became and […]

Meeting the Miss Earth Beauties

Last week, My friends and I went to Ice Vodka Bar which is located somwhere in Makati, Philppines. We really had so much fun dancing and celebrating all night long. The highlight of the celebration are the gorgeous Ms. Earth Candidates. They are so gorgeous and their beauty are so stunning. They are very friendly […]