Hospital Proper Sanitation

Remember my post about the spooky experience I had in the hospital. I was with my Auntie at that time when I felt that horrifying experience. Anyway, this post is nothing to deal with that ghost story but it is related to hospitals. If you’re in a private hospital, you may not experience this thing […]

What to expect From Alice In Wonderland movie?

I am getting so excited because my friend and I will watch Alice in Wonderland this weekend.  I am a big fan of Lewis Caroll and his famous creation – Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Now, I’m getting more excited knowing that Tim Burton, who was also the director of the films “Edward Scissorhands” and “The […]

Cross-Eyed From the Wind?

I remember my cousins and me pretending to be cross-eyed to amuse ourselves. And then Our Auntie will warn us that if we did not stop doing it, the wind would keep our eyes crossed forever. How True is this? Well, crossing your eyes in purpose can cause a headache especially if you stare at […]