Best Buy

Nowadays, saving money is really a must especially now that we are experiencing a what so called global financial crisis. We must learn how to save money properly and the proper way of spending it as well. We must compromised our selves for us to do this. We should spend our money wisely. But it […]

BECK Mania

Do you love Anime? Well you might want to check out “BECK”, BECK is actually a boy band and they reviving songs and make their own rock rendition. The Band includes Ryusuke Minami who is the brain behind BECK. When he Met Koyuki, he was already fairly well-known in the music scene, having been in […]

All about Fifth Wheels

If you are managing a large manufacturing business, you definitely need “Fifth wheel” to make your work much easier. This fifth wheel or commonly known as semi-trailer or five wheeler truck, is a great advantage in any manufacturing business. You can load a large amount of products and deliver it in no time. Compare to […]

Welcome Cassandra Nicole!!!

I would like to grab this opportunity to welcome Cassandra Nicole to the Christian World. Nicole had her first baptismal last Monday. Nicole is my niece and i am invited as one of the God Fathers. Well, this is not my first time to attend such event but i still feel the excitement seeing her […]