Mind Breaking Task

Finally, we are now celebrating our first semester break after six consecutive months of mind breaking exams and nose bleeding thesis. Well, I thought taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary education majoring in Mathematics would be the easiest course of them all knowing that we will be dealing more with mathematical equations, numbers, logarithms , […]

Unlock The Real You

Pour enthusiasm and love into your self image. What you seek begins with what you have; you then build from there. Gain a solid belief in what you are and project this belief confidently  in what you say ans what you do. Think the way you want to be, the things you know you can […]

Setting Goals

I am a type of guy who plans everything ahead of time. I want everything to go exactly what i have planned. I am planning every single details in my life from the moment i wake up until i go to sleep at night. I even think of my future. I want to get a […]

Wednesday is an Eco Friendly Day!

My mom went home so irate last Wednesday. She went to a shopping mall yesterday only to find out that the mall is not packing up their things in a plastic bag, and make use of the paper bags instead. Well, the saleslady is giving my mom options either she will bring her things using […]