PSP used as a school tool?

I was a bit shocked when i have read this news in a magazine stating that PSP is used as a school tool. It was said that student in Great Britain may soon find themselves going to chool with nothing but a Sony PSP in their pockets? Oh my how i wish that im residing in great Britain too.

aaasHere’s the story behind this, thirty students and a set of PSPs  are part of a pilot test that aims to uncover if the hanheld marvel has any educcational benifits to offer. The student were provided soft copies of their textbooks neatly stored away in the units’ memeory sticks. If the test proves successful, the testting maybe expanded nationwide. The students, however are prohibited to use PSPs for gaming purposes. Bummer!

Zune in!

fffDo you love Music and fond in bringing on your MP3? Microsoft has jumped into the MP3 player pool with the Zune. Zune is a digital media player with 30GB of memory, a huge 3 inch LCD screen and an FM tuner. You can even share tracks wirelessly with a friend who has his own Zune!

He will be able to play them for three days. This nifty gadget comes in brown, black and white, but a limited edition version in pink was recenlty released on Amazon .com


Here’s another book that you should not miss to read. The book was written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and it was entitled “FRAMED”.

aaaIn Dylan‘s town, there aren’t many kids. In fact, he’s the only boy and his best friends are pair of chickens. Dylan named his chickens Michaelangelo and Donatello (hmmmm sounds like Mutant Ninja Turltle here) His family is known for making the best pie in town. They own the town’s one and only coffee shop. Life isn’t very exciting in Manod, Wales, but Dylan makes do and it helps that his younger sister, Minnie,is a criminal mastermind in the making. A flood in London makes the National Gallery to evacuate its paintings to Manod, Dylan is mistaken for an art expert( his bestfriends are named after painting geniuses after all), and life is to become a lot more exciting.

The Secret order of the Gumm Street Girls

Have you read the book “The Secret order of the Gumm Street Girls”? It was written by Elise Primavera. The story starts from 3 young girls Franny, Pru and Cat.

Franny, Pru and Cat have lived in the same place all their lives: Gumm Street in the picture perfect town of Sherbet, where it rains for 45 minutes every summer day at 4pm, followed by perfect rainbow. Sherbet also has a candy store called Colossal candy Bar and an ice cream parlor that is a five stories high. Everything is perfect except for the girls relationship to each other. Franny, Pru anf Cat made a habit of avoiding one another as much as possible. Until a girl named Ivy moves in, and suddenly there’s a big storm(and lots of trouble) looming on the horizon. In the end, the girls pull themselves together to save their town.