SPORTS HD DV 1080p Action Cam Review, Video And Image Samples! Is It Worth Buying?

Last month, I saw an interesting deal with Goods.PH (Check : The Benefits of Shopping Online and Why You Should Start It With Goods.PH). I finally gave it a shot to shop my very first gadget online. Honestly, I have never been so confident of shopping gears online. I can buy clothes or other items but when it comes to gadgets, i always have doubts. The method of shipping is what worries me the most. I’m afraid that something might get damage or lost during the process.

Goods.PH, however, proved me wrong. I was expecting the item to arrive after 2 to three weeks of placing my order but I got it in just three days! So what kind of item I am referring with? It’s an Action cam. The item was on sale, dropping the real price from Php2000+ to only Php959. Since I am recently engaging myself into travels, I decided to grab this interesting offer.
Sports HD DV 1080p Action Cam is more like an imitation, a brandless item that is seemingly a clone version of SJCAM. Appearance wise, it looks almost the same (even the set of colors available) except that it has no SJCAM logo on it.

The box comes up with the Action cam along with many accessories including the Waterproof case, the bicycle stand, helmet base, support switches and straps (even extra nuts too) and of course a user-friendly manual. Unlike other packages I’ve seen online, this one doesn’t come up with Floaters and monopod so you have to buy them separately.

For a first time user like me, assembling the action cam was quite a trick. I find it hard to remove the action cam out of the waterproof case and I had to search videos about it too haha. Generally, it just need a little getting used to but assembling can be easily performed.

Sports HD DV Cam has a very simple and manageable interface. The Camera can be turned on by holding the Power Switch button on the front (just beside the lens) for 3 seconds. It is the same button you can use to switch from one mode to another. There are FOUR modes in this action cam. First is the VIDEO mode where you can take videos, the CAMERA Mode for still shots, PLAYBACK Mode to review photos and videos you took and SETTINGS mode to configure the camera based on your preferences. To select item, simply click the OK button

Resolution : 1080p │ 720p │ VGA (1080p might sounds convincing but I never really get such quality)
Date Tag : Off │ On
Motion Detection : Off │ On
Cyclic Record: Off │ 3 mins │ 5 mins │ 10 mins
Audio : Off │ On
Exposure Value : +2.0 – -2.0
Reolution : 16M │ 12M │ 10M │ 8M │ 5M │ 3M │ 1.3M
Fast View: OFF │ 2S │5S
Capture Mode : OFF │ 2S │ 5S │ 10S
Delete (to Delete photos and videos)
Lock │Volume│Format│Language Settings│Auto Power Off│Screen Saves│
Video Rotate│ Reset System│ Frequency │ Time Settings│ Version


PIC024Shot in great light conditionPIC015Shot in great light condition but with moving subject

SPORTS HD DV 1080p Action Cam failed to reach my expectations but like they always said when it comes to buying items, you only get what you really paid for. The low cost action cam might be very inviting but the quality of the pictures and the videos is unsurprisingly poor.  There are times that I get decent videos but most of the videos are generally poor in qualities. The 1080p is just a tricky features to make this product look inviting but in reality, this kind of quality has never been achieved.

It is a waterproof camera indeed but not meant for underwater. There is underwater mode here so when the camera is being used underwater, it automatically zooms in.  There is also no Stabilized mode so the video tends to be shaky and at some point, it jumps or skips in few seconds while recording.

So is this Action cam worth buying? Well, it depends, if you are looking for a simple and portable action cam to record your activities without compromising your budget, then this one is ideal enough but if you are looking for that quality images and videos to share, don’t expect much from this action cam. I personally think that it is not really worth buying and I wish I could have searched for something else.

Go Hotels Otis , A Traveler-Friendly Budget Hotel in the Metro

After that exhausting yet rewarding Intramuros tour, my brother and I decided to hit our hotel. My blogger friend Paolo of Prlakwatsero actually offered me a free staycation for two in Go Hotel (Otis branch). My entire Manila tour was actually unplanned. Manila has always been on my travel list and the staycation offer gave me a reason to finally fulfill it.
20170102_094700tGo Hotels is actually not a kind of hotel that will provide you that luxurious experience but for a frugal traveler like me, this one is perfect. The rates are very affordable yet the quality of their service and their facilities are not being compromised.20170101_181923tGo Hotels in Otis Manila is strategically located in almost all important places such as schools, parks, hospitals, churches and much more. The place is located on the fifth floor of the Robinsons Place Otis complex and there’s even a way that will take you directly to the Robinsons Mall.

“First Kuliglig Ride”
Anyway, before sharing you our first Staycation experience, I would love to share our insane kuliglig ride! Kuliglig is a common transportation vehicle in Manila. It looks like an elongated “pedicab” but they are motorized and they use boat motors to run such vehicle. Because it’s getting dark and we didn’t know exactly where we are going, we decided to look for a ride. Someone told us that the Robinsons Otis is just few kilometers away and that’s when a kuliglig driver approached us and offered us a ride. He’s charging us Php40 per head and at first I thought, it was a fair deal until I realized that the Hotel was so damn near that we can actually walk. Now here’s what makes it worst. I never thought that Kuliglig will be a one hell of a ride. I can bear with the deafening sound of the boat motor but we were stuck up not just once but three times. So when we saw the hotel, we just asked the driver to drop us off and gave him Php100 (20 for the effort haha).

20170101_204354tConsidering that it’s a budget hotel, I am not really expecting much. I am not really a meticulous guy and as long as there is a clean comfort room and a nice bed to sleep, I am so fine with it. What I have seen though in Go Hotels is beyond expectations. We are warmly greeted by their friendly crews and the place is surprisingly clean and wonderfully themed. The picture above is their lobby area. There’s really something fascinating about their bubble-theme designs.
20170101_204610tThere are 118 rooms in Go Hotels Otis Manila (71 Twin, 47 Queen). Rooms are 12-16 sqm in size which is good enough to accommodate two person. My brother and I got a twin room so we got two comfy beds! (Beds are of high quality; 100% cotton sheets with duvet covers complete with chiropractic and high quality non-allergenic pillows)

20170101_204900tIMG_0117tThere are two very comfy bed. The room in general is not really spacious but it looks deceiving due to the mirrors mounted on their walls.
20170101_205041tA foldable table for our things20170101_205005tPhones for in room calls (room to room) calls only
20170101_205123tThere’s also a 22 inch LCD TV with cable and it is also interesting to note that they offer free wi-fi. The customized password will provided along with your access card. The connection however is not really good when you’re inside the room and is much stronger in the lobbies
20170101_205143t20170101_205221tThere’s also a clean bath and shower room with 2 bath towels, foot towels and tissue paper. 20170101_205504tPrivate bathroom with hot and cold rain shower and handheld showers20170101_205641tToiletries (Soap and Shampoo) however is only good for single use but I have heard that you can buy a set for additional Php100. On top of that, the place is just few walks away Robinsons Mall so you can buy supplies in no time.20170101_214206tIf you need to relax, there is a pair of Rest N Go massage chairs on the hall ways. It’s a self-service massage chair which could be availed for as low as Php20 (good for 6 minutes)20170101_215337tWhat a perfect way to relax after the tiring day.2017-01-01 10.02.34 120170101_204429t
Near the reception area is a self service coffee vending machine and also a Country Style 20170101_200931tFinding a place to eat is not a big problem at all. The hotel may not have any restaurant in their facilities but you can just go outside and hit the mall to dine in. My brother and I had our dinner in Tokyo Tokyo20170101_213207tIt was generally a great stay and I highly recommend Go Hotels for travel bloggers like me who wish to explore Manila and looking for a safe and comfy place to stay for a night or two!

As for the rates, it actually vary depending on the travel dates you desire. If it’s peak season, then expect that prices are a bit higher than usual but the regular rates usually play around Php2000 and above but I highly suggest to book it online. TravelBookPH for an instance offers highly discounted rates which can go as low as 1,388 (check here for discounted rates of Go Hotels )

Get more details about this hotel in their official web page and social media accounts
Facebook :
Instagram : @gohotels_ph

Go Hotels Otis, Robinsons Otis, 1536 Paz M. Guazon St., 831 Zone 90, Paco, Manila
Tel. No.: +63 (53) 3541053 | 3541092 | 3541018

20170102_072635tWe packed our things early, had a quick breakfast and headed to our next destination in Manila, the Paco Park and Cemetery! I will share more about this place in my next #LetsExploreManila entry.

In case you are looking for more budget hotels, feel free to check our hotel recommendations via TravelBookPH and see which one suits your budget!

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Let’s Explore Manila : Fort Santiago

After exploring the different streets of Intramuros, we headed to one of its premier tourist attractions and one of the most important historical sites in Manila, the Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications in Manila which was built in 1571.
20170101_163800tThe gate of Fort Santiago has been a common sight for me because the Grand Marian procession usually held in front of this area (along the Plaza Moriones) but the last time I went inside was decades ago! I think I was in kindergarten and it was part of our Field trip and I can barely remember anything about Fort Santiago.
20170101_164005tThe first fort was built from logs and earth but was destroyed in Limahong Attack in 1574. The Stone fort was built between 1589 to 1592. Much like any of the defensive structures in Intramuros, the Fort Santiago was also destroyed during the Battle of Manila. Many people were imprisoned here during the Spanish period and the second world war and many lives were lost here as well. Even our national hero , Dr Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896.
20170101_164101tThe gate of Fort Santiago was one of the structures that was utterly destroyed but was reconstructed and renovated to place it back to its former glory. The 40ft high gate was adorned with many notable details. The top most portion lies the image of Saint James (Santiago in Spanish) where the fort was named after. Under the image of Saint James is the Coat of Arms of Spain.IMG_0087tOutside the gate, you’ll find a moat which passes through the Pasig River
20170101_160848tUnlike the other Baluarte in Intramuros, the Fort Santiago is not freely accessible. There is an entrance fee of Php75 per head and I think it is very reasonable considering that they are constantly making efforts to restore and preserve the place.

20170101_162427The Plaza Moriones was currently under construction when we went there but the first structure that you will notice after passing through the ticket booth is the Baluartillo and Reducto De San Francisco Javier
20170101_162018tUnderneath the Baluartillo is a tunnel that is supposed to take you to the Reducto De San Francisco Javier. I’m not sure if the tunnel is publicly accessible but there seem to be another way going to the reducto where the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located.
20170101_162325tYou can get a great top view of the Reducto De San Francisco Javier on top of the Baluartillo
20170101_162345tThe Shrine of Guadalupe is located at the center while the entire place is surrounded by thick walls and cannons facing the Pasig river.
20170101_162129tOne of the accessible areas on top of the baluartillo
20170101_162542tWalking along the side walks across the Plaza Moriones, you’ll spot some old and rusty canons on display20170101_162659t20170101_162651tI also spotted an Anchor near the Picnic Area

20170101_163144tAnother interesting spot in Fort Santiago are the ruins of American barracks. It is basically an abandoned building and there’s really nothing much to see inside. It is not publicly accessible either so all you can do is to gaze at this historically significant structure.20170101_162923tIf they can only talk, they probably have so many stories to tell right? 20170101_163103tOn the main gate, there’s a marker stating that senator Elpidio Quirino was imprisoned in this building for 187 days in 1948.

20170101_164310tOnce you entered the Fort Santiago, the first thing you will notice are the metal footsteps. These footsteps were used to represent the final walk our national hero from his cell to the location of the actual execution.20170101_164330tI wasn’t able to count the steps though.

PLAZA DE ARMAS20170101_164345tAt the heart of Fort Santiago lies the spacious Plaza De Armas. It is one of two major plazas in Intramuros, the other being the central Plaza de Roma. Historical evidence may suggest that the plaza is the site where the wooden palisade of Rajah Sulayman, on top of which Fort Santiago was built, was located. The landscape of Plaza de Armas is not as colorful as Plaza Moriones (outside the Fort Santiago) and Plaza De Roma (in front of Manila Cathedral) but spacious enough to relax.
20170101_164459tIMG_0104tA statue of Jose Rizal at the heart of the Plaza De Armas

20170101_164519tWe could have explored the Rizal Shrine in full extent but unfortunately, the site was closed for holiday. We failed to get the chance to enter the shrine but we were able to enjoy looking at those brick wall (ladrillo) ruins. 
20170101_164553tThese brick walls are said to be one of the oldest structures in Fort Santiago.This is also the site where Jose Rizal was imprisoned and the place where he wrote one of his masterpiece “Mi Ultimo Adios”20170101_164700t20170101_164649f

20170101_170458tOpposite the Rizal Shrine is another interesting site. The ruins of Rajah Sulayman Theater.s an open air theater under the grounds of Fort Santiago which was ruins of a former Spanish military barracks. It had served as a highly atmospheric setting for contemporary theater-in-the-round productions by PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association).20170101_170613tThe ruins of Rajah Sulayman Theater , named in honor of the leader of the Mohammedan Malays who first inhabited the area.20170101_170917tIf lucky enough, you can also get a scenic view of the Pasig river20170101_170000t
20170101_173023tAfter taking a quick rest in Plaza De Armas, my brother and I decided to leave Intramuros and went to our hotel in Otis. We left Intramuros via Soriano Ave. We had an insane “kuliglig” ride going to our hotel and I will share all our experiences in my next #LetsExploreManila entry

UPDATE: According to Intramuros Administration, Fort Santiago is now OPEN DAILY stating from 8AM to 9PM

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Let’s Explore Manila : Intramuros In Black And White

Just a little experiment with these photos! I decided to turn these selected photos from Intramuros and Manila in Black and White. It actually feels like looking at old photos. Some areas of Intramuros might be irreparable but I’m glad that there are still parts in this historical place in Manila that are still preserved. I just hope that our government will extend their effort to restore this place or even just to prevent this place from losing its historical value.
20170101_132929ttbwThe General Luna Street
20170101_133926bwGen Luna Street Cor Urdaneta / Barbara’s Cafe
20170101_134750bwThe Papier Tole Souvenir Shop/ The Lion Statue near the San Agustin Church
20170101_134826bwThe Cobblestone Street between Barbara’s Cafe and San Agustin Church
20170101_135858bwReal Street, The path going to Casa Manila
20170101_141734bwManila Cathedral20170101_152149bwThe Aduana Building / Intendencia20170101_152736tbwIntendencia20170101_153105tbwMuralla Street20170101_153139bwColegio De San Juan De Letran20170101_153512tAn stone arch and stairways going to Baluarte De San Gabriel20170101_164157bwOrnate Gate of Fort Santiago
20170101_163845bwFort Santiago20170102_144957bwSteam Locomotive at Baluarte De San DiegoIMG_0681tbwBaluarte De San DiegoIMG_0688bwThe clock tower of Manila City Hall

Our next #LetsExploreManila entry would be about Fort Santiago!

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