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SPORTS HD DV 1080p Action Cam Review, Video And Image Samples! Is It Worth Buying?

Last month, I saw an interesting deal with Goods.PH (Check : The Benefits of Shopping Online and Why You Should Start It With Goods.PH). I finally gave it a shot to shop my very first gadget online. Honestly, I have never been so confident of shopping gears online. I can buy clothes or other items but when it comes to gadgets, i always have doubts. The method of shipping is what worries me the most. I’m afraid that something might get damage or lost during the process.

Goods.PH, however, proved me wrong. I was expecting the item to arrive after 2 to three weeks of placing my order but I got it in just three days! So what kind of item I am referring with? It’s an Action cam. The item was on sale, dropping the real price from Php2000+ to only Php959. Since I am recently engaging myself into travels, I decided to grab this interesting offer.
Sports HD DV 1080p Action Cam is more like an imitation, a brandless item that is seemingly a clone version of SJCAM. Appearance wise, it looks almost the same (even the set of colors available) except that it has no SJCAM logo on it.

The box comes up with the Action cam along with many accessories including the Waterproof case, the bicycle stand, helmet base, support switches and straps (even extra nuts too) and of course a user-friendly manual. Unlike other packages I’ve seen online, this one doesn’t come up with Floaters and monopod so you have to buy them separately.

For a first time user like me, assembling the action cam was quite a trick. I find it hard to remove the action cam out of the waterproof case and I had to search videos about it too haha. Generally, it just need a little getting used to but assembling can be easily performed.

Sports HD DV Cam has a very simple and manageable interface. The Camera can be turned on by holding the Power Switch button on the front (just beside the lens) for 3 seconds. It is the same button you can use to switch from one mode to another. There are FOUR modes in this action cam. First is the VIDEO mode where you can take videos, the CAMERA Mode for still shots, PLAYBACK Mode to review photos and videos you took and SETTINGS mode to configure the camera based on your preferences. To select item, simply click the OK button

Resolution : 1080p │ 720p │ VGA (1080p might sounds convincing but I never really get such quality)
Date Tag : Off │ On
Motion Detection : Off │ On
Cyclic Record: Off │ 3 mins │ 5 mins │ 10 mins
Audio : Off │ On
Exposure Value : +2.0 – -2.0
Reolution : 16M │ 12M │ 10M │ 8M │ 5M │ 3M │ 1.3M
Fast View: OFF │ 2S │5S
Capture Mode : OFF │ 2S │ 5S │ 10S
Delete (to Delete photos and videos)
Lock │Volume│Format│Language Settings│Auto Power Off│Screen Saves│
Video Rotate│ Reset System│ Frequency │ Time Settings│ Version


PIC024Shot in great light conditionPIC015Shot in great light condition but with moving subject

SPORTS HD DV 1080p Action Cam failed to reach my expectations but like they always said when it comes to buying items, you only get what you really paid for. The low cost action cam might be very inviting but the quality of the pictures and the videos is unsurprisingly poor.  There are times that I get decent videos but most of the videos are generally poor in qualities. The 1080p is just a tricky features to make this product look inviting but in reality, this kind of quality has never been achieved.

It is a waterproof camera indeed but not meant for underwater. There is underwater mode here so when the camera is being used underwater, it automatically zooms in.  There is also no Stabilized mode so the video tends to be shaky and at some point, it jumps or skips in few seconds while recording.

So is this Action cam worth buying? Well, it depends, if you are looking for a simple and portable action cam to record your activities without compromising your budget, then this one is ideal enough but if you are looking for that quality images and videos to share, don’t expect much from this action cam. I personally think that it is not really worth buying and I wish I could have searched for something else.

The Benefits of Online Shopping And Why You Should Start It With Goods PH

I still remember when I was a kid, my mom used to take me and my little brother in Divisoria to shop for goodies. It is always rewarding when you find items in great discounts and Divisoria has always been the best place to get such. A frugal guy like me will always grab the opportunity to avail those highly discounted items and whenever there’s a promo or a big sale, you can always count me in. However, now that we are on a so-called digital age, things are way different now. Millenials are now introduced into a much more convenient way of shopping. In fact, it is too convenient that you do not even need to go out just to do such.
Online shopping has become the most popular way for millenials to shop for goodies. All they need to do is to open up their computer or even their mobile, go to the shopping site, browse for the items they desire and transact! Viola! The items will be delivered in no time. I know some of you still prefer going out on the market or malls as it is also a great form of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer the traditional way of shopping goods but sometimes we must learn how to embrace the benefits we can get from these modern shopping philippines
Online Shopping Can Save time
You can do the transactions anywhere especially in the comfort of your home and you do not even need to think of the clothes to wear (you can even shop even you’re just wearing undies haha). In my case for example, if I will be traveling from Cavite to Divisoria, it will cost me 2 to 3 hours just to reach the place (it depends on the traffic). I will spend another 2 or 3 hours of shopping and then another 2 hours going back. You see, the 5-6 hours were all spent in commuting and I could have done something more useful during those hours. Online shopping, on the other hand, allows you to buy items in just few clicks away. The Cons: Although the items can be purchased in an instant, you cannot have the items right away as they need to be shipped first
Not just it saves time, but it could be a stress free method too. Dealing with huge and overwhelming crowd and competing with other “bargainers” could be really stressful and not to mention the traffic that you have to bear just to get to your destination. It is a hassle-free shopping indeed. You just need to sit in front of your pc, surf the site, browse their items and add them to your virtual cart and that’s all! You just need to connect your bank details or better yet, you can avail items thru their “Cash on Delivery” features where payment can be settled once the item is being delivered! (oh diba Parang pizza lang?)
Online Shops Will Give you Wider options
The problem that I often encounter when shopping is that my options are always limited. For example, I went to Shop A and found that their items are in great discount. So believing that it could be a great deal, I was tempted to buy it. But then, I discovered another Shop that caters the same items but in a bigger discounted price. Unfortunately, I cannot give the items back to Shop A since I already bought it. In Online shopping, users or buyers are given with wider option. You are free to browse every items available and you have the right to refuse if you think that there is a much better item.
Since we are talking about online shopping, the first thing that you should consider is to find a reliable online shopping site. There are so many online shopping sites in the Philippines and you just have to be very clever on picking one. I personally recommend Goods PH, an online shopping site that I recently discovered. I just find their features very appealing. I’ve been through many online shopping Philippines sites (I bought my camera from Lazada and some of my signature clothes from Zalora) and they all provide an equally satisfying service. Goods Ph on the other hand is special on its own right and allow me to list down the things I want from their site.
User-Friendly Interface
Goods PH offers a simple interface. All items are sorted according to their respective categories and navigation is easily manageable. You can easily access their New Arrival items and also their existing promo. Signing up is also simple and you can even use your Facebook Account just to establish your own profile.
Huge Collection of Items
You can spot almost everything from this shop. From Mobiles, tablets and Camera to a wide range of clothes and apparel for both men and women. Fashionistas will appreciate their huge collection of items like shoes, jewelries, watches and a lot more accessories. They also have appliances, travel equipment and more. Oh ! They also offer Free Shipping around Metro Manila
If you’re done signing up for an account, make sure to keep yourself updated especially when it comes to their promos which allow you to buy items in surprisingly great discounts. Their “Warehouse Clear-Out” promo for an instance allow you to buy items up to 90% discount! Those who signed up for an account will also receive a Free Php250 Voucher!Goods PH Warehouse Clear Out Promo
To catch more of their awesome items and promos, you better follow them on their social media accounts for more updates
Facebook: GoodsPH
Twitter: @Goods_PH
Instagram: @goods_ph
Google Plus: Goods PH Google Plus

Love Your Hair With Novuhair

The love month doesn’t just pertain to having a relationship with someone, it’s not just about going out on a date or stressing on what to give to your partner or dreaming about what to receive in return. The love month should remind us about everything and everyone we love.Love your Hair

Our parents, siblings or friends who stuck with you through thick or thin should form part of this special month. Loving yourself should not be set aside as well.

Take time to take care of your own appearance and since our hair is on top of our body, it is pertinent that we start with it. Here are a few tips in maintaining a healthy hair.

  •  Observe good hygiene all the time – regularly wash your hair to remove dirt and grimes
  • Be extra careful whenever combing your wet hair – your hair is vulnerable to breakage during this period.
  • Use towel to dry off your hair after shower – Using hair dryer can cause damage to your hair; if you must use the heat then do so sparingly.
  • Eat the proper nutrition– Our hair is also dependent on what we eat. Iron-rich food and protein strengthens your hair.
  • Have enough sleep – Lack of sleep can cause hair loss. Sleeping allows our hair to repair and regenerate. Changes in our sleeping patterns have shown to affect our body’s immune and hormone function, as well as our physical and mental stamina. Our hair is very sensitive to these changes within the body.
  • Pamper your hair – Give your hair a proper massage with the nutrients it needs.

Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss is made of 19 Natural ingredients which includes herbal components such as moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint.

Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching.

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural and on Instagram @novuhairofficial. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and

Introducing Veer HOUSE, A New technology That Will Bring Interior Designing And Architectural Planning To A New Level!

Have you been to Blogapalooza this year? It was a blast for me and I bet you guys felt the same way! It was such a great experience interacting with fellow bloggers and of course, with the brands. Of all the booths from the recently concluded Blogapalooza, one of them that really took my attention is the so called “House” by Reality+ and Veer Technology and I was grateful enough to try this amazing software that will surely take architectural planning and interior designing into an all new level!

With the kind of technology the we have today that is rapidly evolving, companies are starting to find ways to embrace these innovative changes and apply such advancement into their business. Those who went to Blogapalooza and tried Veer House have witnessed how this so-called virtual reality can transform interior designing to an all new level.IMG_0102tCompany’s History
Veer Technologies is a young tech startup that focuses on building software for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to be used in various fields. It was founded last May 2016 and has already closed deals with a handful of big corporations for marketing projects and game licensing. Under Veer is Reality+ , a consumer brand focused that dreams of allowing everyone to experience beyond the real world through games and leisure. Aside from entertainment, Veer is currently working on House, a platform for interior design and architectural planning
IMG_0109tWhenever we are talking about Virtual Reality, the first thing that will come to our mind is gaming. There are so many games today especially those that are played using high-end gaming platforms adapted such technology to provide gamers a highly realistic gaming experience.  Veer Technology and Reality+ just proved that Virtual Reality technology is not just for gaming anymore as they managed to utilize such system and let it be used in a more professional level.

Veer House uses HTC Vive device which provides user a first person perspective. They can start designing layouts from scratch by dragging and dropping items and arrange them according to the user’s preferences.

Here’s what CEO and Co-Founder of Reality+ , Mr Charles Justin Lim, has to say about their new product “HOUSE” and what inspires them to create such:
Our latest piece of software is named House. It allows users to create their living space from nothing by adding in walls, furniture, appliances, tiling, and decorations, and see them change in real-time virtual reality, enabling users to envision their dream house as if they were actually there. We want to help architects and interior designers add even more value to their clients because viewing room plans and designs on a 2D surface such as screens or pieces of paper is very limited, and through virtual reality, they can stop imagining and start living.IMG_0118t
Details about the devices
We use the HTC Vive because it is the highest end VR solution available in the market now and is very useful for interactive and immersive experiences.

Here’s what a user can see through the HTC Vive. Those ready-made furniture on the side can be picked up and dropped in the given platform. It actually reminds me of SIMS but presented in a different scale.

Info about the program’s future developments:
We are looking for interior designers and architects that can partner and help us by actually using it and giving us vital feedback. We are constantly adding features to help our partners create more value for their clients. The product is already available to be used. If you would like to be a partner on this platform, please contact to get started.” ~ Charles Justin Lim (CEO and Co-Founder of Reality +)

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