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Are Bass Players Always Underappreciated?

Are bass players always under appreciated? Just because you can barely hear them in a band doesn’t mean they are not really important. In fact, bass players are considered as one of the most important band members but of course, those who are not really into music will never appreciate their presence.
Are six strings really better than four? I’m actually guilty about this. I am not a musically inclined guy , I love to listen to music but I never gone deeper about it. I can follow the beat and the rhythm while listening but that’s all about it. I never pay attention to which of the band members are responsible for this sound and that sound until I came across an article before stating how important the role or bass players are.

Guitarists and singers often dominates a band but little did we know, bass guitarists are responsible for the rhythm section in a band’s music, along with the drummer and rhythm guitarist. The bassist collaborates a lot with the drummer and together they form what is called a groove. The bass sound is truly an important element in music. Have you tried to listen to Pentatonix? Can you imagine their music without Avi Kaplan in their group? Imagine the sound they make without the bass vocals provided by Kaplan.

Same thing is applied with Bass guitarists! They are one of the fundamental elements in a band. They said that a good bassist can make the music come alive but a bad one will leave it sounding like a soggy mess. So I think it will still depends on skills of the player and of course the kind of guitar he is using. If you decided to venture from rhytym to bass then you must pick the right guitar that will give enough justice to the music you are playing.  Those warwick bass at are seemingly ideal enough for beginners!

Bass guitarist and players may indeed be one of the most underappreciated members of a band but if you really learned to see their importance, you cannot overlooked their presence and you will admire them even more!

Reasons Why It Is So Cool To Play Guitar

I am probably the most boring friend you will ever meet! When I was in high school, i used to be that nerdy guy that you would never consider to hang out  it. I do not have any outlet or never been part of any extra curricular activities. I am not physically fit to join the varsity and I am not wise enough to make it through our chess team. So generally, i spent my high school years doing nothing but the typical student routine without taking any courage to step out of my comfort zone.
Little did my friends and classmates know, i am really into music and if I can only turn back time, i could have joined an amateur high school band or even our school choir. I would love to play a guitar or sing in front of a crowd but of course, that’s just how i imagine myself in my day dreams. I just find it so cool if you know how to play an instrument and allow me to list down the reasons why.

It Could Be An Ideal Way To Channel Your Emotions
If you find it hard express your feelings through words, why not channel your emotions through music? Guitar or any form of musical instruments could be a perfect way to do so. I am so amazed by those people who knows how to express their feelings through music and how they can manage to connect such emotion to everyone who listens to them.

You Gain Friends With the Same Interest Without Trying Hard To Fit In
Like they said, birds of the same feather pluck together and it applies the same thing for people who shares the same interest with music. Those who play guitar doesn’t have to exert any effort just to fit in on a group he wants to be with (nobody should do that on the first place because people should accept you at your worst). I just find it amazing how you can easily gain friends by simply playing a guitar. If you play a guitar in front of a crowd , there’s definitely someone out there  who will not hesitate to jam in.

Coping Up With Stress
This could be related to the first one. Playing guitar could be a great way to cope up with stress. It could switch your attention to the chords you are playing rather than those things that bothers you. Of course, it is only a temporary solution but at least you gave your mind a time to rest so you can think clearer and possibly wiser.

It Could Be A Hobby or You Can Take It Professionally!
If you are bored or if you have a lot of time to spare, you can use your time playing instruments instead of wasting it on something useless an unproductive.  Guitars or any form of instrument whether a piano or even those bugles at guitar center can be learned and it could be an interesting progress. Take note that it is not a talent but a skill that you can yield. You can take it as a hobby or better yet you can do it professionally.

A Great Way to Impress Girls
Okay, this is me speaking in behalf of all men who just find it hard to court girls or to do something to catch their attention haha. It’s true, girls can easily be impressed by a guy who can strum guitar seamlessly. Not to mention if you got the total package (if you can sing well  and if you can compose your own songs).

So there you go, these are just few good reasons why it is so cool if you know how to play a guitar.

Various Country Music Artists of Then and Now Gathered in One Incredible Mash Up!

I almost grew up with my grandma and that is also the reason why I was exposed to old music almost everyday. It actually felt like I grew up in a wrong era of music as I fell in love with classics rather than those new upbeat songs we got today.  I instantly fell in  love with country music but unfortunately, in my country, this genre of music is rarely appreciated. I settled myself listening to radio or watching videos on YouTube and also to keep myself updated with their music.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood

It’s funny that every time I talk about my favorite Country artists like Dolly Parton or Brad Paisley or even Martina McBride and Willie Nelson to my close friends… no one seems to recognize them. Anyway, I am just glad to find out that in celebration of The 50th Annual CMA Awards, CMA has created the biggest music video in Country Music history entitled “Forever Country”, an incredible mash up of two great country songs “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “I Will Always Love You” (The Dolly’s version of course).

forever country 1
Keith Urban
forevr 2
Miranda Lambert

What really makes the music video so special is the fact that it gathers 30 Country music artists from old and new generation to sing this incredible mash up song. Artists include Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Little Big Town, Rascal Flatts, Martina McBride, Alabama, Dierks Bentley, Kacey Musgrave, Miranda Lambert and of course Dolly Parton.

Reba McEntire
Willie Nelson

The video gave me so much thrill and goosebumps especially when I saw some of my favorite artists. It was truly a great relief to see Dolly Parton at the end of the video too. I love to see how artists from two different generations merged together to prove how the country music unites them all. They might got different styles but they all share the same passion in music.

Rascal Flatts
Lady Antebellum

Growing up listening to my grandma’s old transistor made me realized that there’s really a drastic change on how music are being executed today. Music much like any other else, also embraced the modern technology. Whatever music instrument you are playing whether its guitar, a piano or any of those Crush Drums and Percussion instrument, everything are now accompanied with modern touches. Those auto tuners, digital sound editors and more.

Dolly Parton

“The 50th Annual CMA Awards” will be hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood and broadcast live from Nashville, Wednesday, Nov. 2 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET) on the ABC Television Network.

How To Know If You Are Musically Inclined?

0a147d1cb4750ab40e59e2c5689dd4f9rAre you musically inclined person? What does musically inclined means on the first place? According to some research, an individual is considered as musically inclined if he or she possesses a so-called natural talent for music. Generally, these are the lucky and gifted people who can learn music with no ease. These are the people who were born and destined for music. The question is, how can you know if you are a musically inclined?
I recently came across this interesting Youtube video brought by eHow featuring Ms Rachel Cui who will help us identify if we do posses those musical inclinations or signs that we are really born to embrace music. According to her, there are actually indicators if music is really a right choice for you. There are three important aspects to consider which includes Rhythm , pitch and the overall tendency towards music.
You can tell if you have that sense of Rhythm is you have the ability to keep the beat with the music you are hearing. You can ask someone to play a piano or any music instrument and see if you can follow the beat. You can do so by either tapping on a surface in the beat of the playing music. If you can managed to follow the rhythm then it might be a sign that you have that rhythmic inclination which is also an indication that music would be a simple process for you to learn.
Pitch is also a crucial thing in order to identify if you are really a musically inclined person especially if you are really aiming to learn how to play instrument. You can test if you have this pitch inclination by allowing someone to play for you. Ask them to play a certain key and you must be able to sing the right key back to them. If you can, then it is another great indication that you can pursue music as a form of enjoyment or even as a career. But of course, before doing so, you must learn to identify which instrument is right for you? Will you be more effective with guitars? With Piano? Or anything! However, when you say guitar, for an instance, you must keep in mind that there are many types of them and after checking some instruments at MF online, I am personally surprised that their variations are pretty much overwhelming.
Another factor to consider is your tendency towards music. If you feel a strong connection to music every time you hear them being played then it is a sign that you are probably destined to it. Music could certainly be a good outlet to you. It is a great way to express yourself after all and according to her, you may not posses these indications but you can develop these musical inclinations through proper training and studies!