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Sports Barbers, A Traditional Yet Modernized Barbershop In The Metro!

Gupit Binata , Semi-Kalbo, Flat-tops, and Army Cut! These are some of the funny terms for the haircut that we used to have when we were kids but as the time passed by, more styles emerged. We no longer settle to the same old style as we got so many hairstyles to choose from. Millennial men today are more conscious of their looks. They are easily influenced by the latest fashion and trends and getting the right hairstyle is just one of their concerns.
Well, good thing we got Barber Shops specialized for men that can provide us those trendy hairstyles. Like what I said on my previous post (Check : “Gupit Binata” No More! Because Men Deserves Better), men deserves a better hairstyle and we’re lucky enough that there are barbershops out there who are capable of providing the kind of service we truly deserves.
20170305_153703tSo few weeks ago, i went to SM Southmall to visit one of the branches of Sports Barbers. The concept of Sports Barbers is to  to deliver the best cuts for clients, inspired by traditional hairstyles and the most stylish men. I find it so intriguing on how they can offer a traditional styles that we grew up with while applying a modern approach to it. So I decided to get a haircut at Sports Barbers in SM South Mall and possibly to get a hair treatment as well.20170305_153036tInterestingly, i was welcomed by a seemingly familiar set-up. It was indeed similar to a traditional go-to neighborhood barbershop I grew up with. Except that it is quite modernized in terms of the equipment and products they use.20170305_153052t
Kuya Joel was my barber that time and he was really accommodating. He was asking me the kind of hairstyle I want but I just told him to do whatever he think would suit me. In my case, my hair is very thin and dry and merely damaged by the hair products I constantly use. I was actually aiming for a pompadour but we ended up settling with “semi undercut with slightly trimmed top”.20170305_153014t20170305_151017t20170305_140255hMe before the haircut!20170305_145021tOne thing I really appreciate from Kuya Joel aside from the awesome service (not to mention the great massage) is how he educates me on how to properly take care of my hair. He told me to refrain myself from using too much hair products for awhile and let my hair recover from the damage. He also shared some tips on how I can properly style my hair, how to partition it and how can i make the style deceiving so it will not look so thin and dry. 20170305_140145tAfter the haircut, he recommended me to get an Anti Dandruff Scalp Treatment to avoid hair fall and also to bring my hair back to their normal condition. It was a merely 30 minute hair treatment. 20170305_151054t20170305_145648tThere goes Kuya Joel applying the treatment!20170305_145011t20170305_144956r20170305_152926tTadah! It was one satisfying manly makeover! It was actually the first time that my hair is professionally done and this will definitely not the last! After all, I was advised to have a monthly hair treatment to bring my hair back to its great shape. 20170305_153224tIn case you wondering, here are the Sports Barbers Service rates. They also offer massage, nailcare and hair color services and I just love how they wittingly and aptly named each service package which are all inspired from sports.20170305_153325tAside from the services, Sports Barbers also offer organic hair products from pomade, wax and hairspray20170305_153338t20170305_153455t
20170305_153306tTo top it all, you might want to grab a chance to avail their haircut service and their pomade as they currently hosting a promo that will give one lucky customer a chance to win a 4 Days 3 Nights Trip to Siargao. Every Single Transaction of availed haircut + pomade entitles the client of one raffle ticket. The promo started last Ferbruary 5 and will end this coming March 31 (so you have two more weeks to participate).
For more details about this Siargao Promo, you can visit the social media accounts of Sports Barbers below
Facebook :
Twitter : @SBbarbershop
Instagram : @sbbarbershop

For a quick tour to this traditional yet modernized stylish destination for male grooming generation, watch my video below!

“Gupit Binata” No More! Because Men Deserves Better!

294905_3704380661410_443389973_nrWhen women are stressed, they have their own ways to pamper themselves. They will either go for a shopping or visit the salon for a makeover. I actually came across an article before saying that almost 70% of women used professional care services while only 40% of men will avail such. I guess maybe some men do not pay much attention to their looks or maybe they don’t find it so necessary. Well, just because the average number of women who visit Salon are bigger than the number of men doesn’t mean men do not deserve such special treatment.

Unearthed this School ID showing me sporting my “Gupit Binata” haircut A Typical Conversation between me and the barber
Barber: Anu pong gupit?
Me: Kuya Gupit Binata po, yung maikli, yung pwede kong maSpike haha

Interestingly millennial men are now more aware of themselves and how properly they should be treated and be groomed. Most men today are more concerned now about their appearance and how they look. They are easily influenced by the latest fashion and trends. I remember when I was a kid, my father will just drop us to the nearest Barber shop and we mostly settled with that “Gupit Binata” looks but now, men have so many options. There goes the man-buns, the pampadour hairstyles, the spiky modern undercuts and more!

Me sporting different hairstyles recently

With pompadours on the rise, man-buns making its way on the street, perfectly trimmed beards and facial hair making an appearance…it’s safe to say that male grooming is finally getting the attention it deserves.  The increasing popularity of these kinds of male grooming and treatments gave way to a new breed of barbershops , one that delivers the kind of service that they expect that essentially gives a modern take on an old classic.  So yeah, “Gupit Binata” is no longer the only option for men nowadays because we now have those male-focused salons to help us men to get the kind of male grooming treatment that we all deserve!

Sports Barbershop

And while there have been a few cropping up here and there, none have been more accessible or as successful in providing the stylish sense that today’s grooming generation seeks than Sports Barbers.
With 12 branches nationwide, it recently unveiled another milestone as it opened its 12th branch in SM North Edsa last December 2016. This place recreates the traditional concept of your go-to neighborhood barbershop and offers a destination.16780332_120300002149678124_1903426147_n

Its ambiance and service, strongly anchored on its team’s ability to provide everything from on-trend cuts to classic styles, is a compelling reminder of inherent masculine values—adventure, straightforwardness, humor and at the end of the day, natural good looks (as opposed to self-conscious preening).

The entire concept of Sports Barbers is to deliver the best cuts for clients, inspired by traditional hairstyles and the most stylish men. The brand’s crop of barber-stylists, a term derived from the fusion of Vidal Sassoon trained cutting and styling mixed with the efficient sensibilities of old-school barbers, mean clients can confidently step into any branch and emerge looking as dapper as they can be.

It’s Gupit Binata no more indeed. With the modern environment we are living today, it is just the right time to embrace the modern changes. It’s just so nice that we finally have that Go-to destination whenever we need a proper haircut. What I personally love about this male-focused salon or barbershop is that they got the right people who are knowledgeable enough to provide you the proper treatment for your hair. They surely know which hairstyle will suit you best.

This made me so eager to visit Sports Barbershop real soon. Fortunately, they got a branch in SM Southmall which is just one ride away from my place!

Other branches can be found at UP Town Center, SM Clark, Ayala Fairview Terraces, SM Mall of Asia, SM Bacoor, SM Bicutan, SM Cebu, SM Bacolod, Eastwood Citywalk, SM San Pablo, SM San Lazaro and SM North Edsa

If you want to know more about them, feel free to visit their social media accounts below

Instagram :