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All About TERA

It’s Summer and i know most of you have plans already but if you don’t have yet, then why not spend your time sitting in front of your PC and look for some cool online games to play. I suggest that you include TERA on your game list. This game will definitely take you to […]

Explore The World of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Have you been to Korriban? How about Nul Hutta? If you haven’t watched any Star Wars films or read any of its books, then you may not be familiar with these two planets. Korriban is the planet inhabited by the Sith Race while Nul Hutta is obviously for Hutts (Jabba is one of them). Korriban, […]

Playing Mahjong

Cousin Melvin went to visit us last Monday and he brought this mini set of Mahjong. I am not an expert but i know how to play this game but i always end up losing to Melvs. Well maybe mahjong is not really my expertise. Anyway, mahjong is a very simple game. You have 152 […]