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Sports Barbers, A Traditional Yet Modernized Barbershop In The Metro!

Gupit Binata , Semi-Kalbo, Flat-tops, and Army Cut! These are some of the funny terms for the haircut that we used to have when we were kids but as the time passed by, more styles emerged. We no longer settle to the same old style as we got so many hairstyles to choose from. Millennial men today are more conscious of their looks. They are easily influenced by the latest fashion and trends and getting the right hairstyle is just one of their concerns.
Well, good thing we got Barber Shops specialized for men that can provide us those trendy hairstyles. Like what I said on my previous post (Check : “Gupit Binata” No More! Because Men Deserves Better), men deserves a better hairstyle and we’re lucky enough that there are barbershops out there who are capable of providing the kind of service we truly deserves.
20170305_153703tSo few weeks ago, i went to SM Southmall to visit one of the branches of Sports Barbers. The concept of Sports Barbers is to  to deliver the best cuts for clients, inspired by traditional hairstyles and the most stylish men. I find it so intriguing on how they can offer a traditional styles that we grew up with while applying a modern approach to it. So I decided to get a haircut at Sports Barbers in SM South Mall and possibly to get a hair treatment as well.20170305_153036tInterestingly, i was welcomed by a seemingly familiar set-up. It was indeed similar to a traditional go-to neighborhood barbershop I grew up with. Except that it is quite modernized in terms of the equipment and products they use.20170305_153052t
Kuya Joel was my barber that time and he was really accommodating. He was asking me the kind of hairstyle I want but I just told him to do whatever he think would suit me. In my case, my hair is very thin and dry and merely damaged by the hair products I constantly use. I was actually aiming for a pompadour but we ended up settling with “semi undercut with slightly trimmed top”.20170305_153014t20170305_151017t20170305_140255hMe before the haircut!20170305_145021tOne thing I really appreciate from Kuya Joel aside from the awesome service (not to mention the great massage) is how he educates me on how to properly take care of my hair. He told me to refrain myself from using too much hair products for awhile and let my hair recover from the damage. He also shared some tips on how I can properly style my hair, how to partition it and how can i make the style deceiving so it will not look so thin and dry. 20170305_140145tAfter the haircut, he recommended me to get an Anti Dandruff Scalp Treatment to avoid hair fall and also to bring my hair back to their normal condition. It was a merely 30 minute hair treatment. 20170305_151054t20170305_145648tThere goes Kuya Joel applying the treatment!20170305_145011t20170305_144956r20170305_152926tTadah! It was one satisfying manly makeover! It was actually the first time that my hair is professionally done and this will definitely not the last! After all, I was advised to have a monthly hair treatment to bring my hair back to its great shape. 20170305_153224tIn case you wondering, here are the Sports Barbers Service rates. They also offer massage, nailcare and hair color services and I just love how they wittingly and aptly named each service package which are all inspired from sports.20170305_153325tAside from the services, Sports Barbers also offer organic hair products from pomade, wax and hairspray20170305_153338t20170305_153455t
20170305_153306tTo top it all, you might want to grab a chance to avail their haircut service and their pomade as they currently hosting a promo that will give one lucky customer a chance to win a 4 Days 3 Nights Trip to Siargao. Every Single Transaction of availed haircut + pomade entitles the client of one raffle ticket. The promo started last Ferbruary 5 and will end this coming March 31 (so you have two more weeks to participate).
For more details about this Siargao Promo, you can visit the social media accounts of Sports Barbers below
Facebook :
Twitter : @SBbarbershop
Instagram : @sbbarbershop

For a quick tour to this traditional yet modernized stylish destination for male grooming generation, watch my video below!

The Benefits of Online Shopping And Why You Should Start It With Goods PH

I still remember when I was a kid, my mom used to take me and my little brother in Divisoria to shop for goodies. It is always rewarding when you find items in great discounts and Divisoria has always been the best place to get such. A frugal guy like me will always grab the opportunity to avail those highly discounted items and whenever there’s a promo or a big sale, you can always count me in. However, now that we are on a so-called digital age, things are way different now. Millenials are now introduced into a much more convenient way of shopping. In fact, it is too convenient that you do not even need to go out just to do such.
Online shopping has become the most popular way for millenials to shop for goodies. All they need to do is to open up their computer or even their mobile, go to the shopping site, browse for the items they desire and transact! Viola! The items will be delivered in no time. I know some of you still prefer going out on the market or malls as it is also a great form of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer the traditional way of shopping goods but sometimes we must learn how to embrace the benefits we can get from these modern shopping philippines
Online Shopping Can Save time
You can do the transactions anywhere especially in the comfort of your home and you do not even need to think of the clothes to wear (you can even shop even you’re just wearing undies haha). In my case for example, if I will be traveling from Cavite to Divisoria, it will cost me 2 to 3 hours just to reach the place (it depends on the traffic). I will spend another 2 or 3 hours of shopping and then another 2 hours going back. You see, the 5-6 hours were all spent in commuting and I could have done something more useful during those hours. Online shopping, on the other hand, allows you to buy items in just few clicks away. The Cons: Although the items can be purchased in an instant, you cannot have the items right away as they need to be shipped first
Not just it saves time, but it could be a stress free method too. Dealing with huge and overwhelming crowd and competing with other “bargainers” could be really stressful and not to mention the traffic that you have to bear just to get to your destination. It is a hassle-free shopping indeed. You just need to sit in front of your pc, surf the site, browse their items and add them to your virtual cart and that’s all! You just need to connect your bank details or better yet, you can avail items thru their “Cash on Delivery” features where payment can be settled once the item is being delivered! (oh diba Parang pizza lang?)
Online Shops Will Give you Wider options
The problem that I often encounter when shopping is that my options are always limited. For example, I went to Shop A and found that their items are in great discount. So believing that it could be a great deal, I was tempted to buy it. But then, I discovered another Shop that caters the same items but in a bigger discounted price. Unfortunately, I cannot give the items back to Shop A since I already bought it. In Online shopping, users or buyers are given with wider option. You are free to browse every items available and you have the right to refuse if you think that there is a much better item.
Since we are talking about online shopping, the first thing that you should consider is to find a reliable online shopping site. There are so many online shopping sites in the Philippines and you just have to be very clever on picking one. I personally recommend Goods PH, an online shopping site that I recently discovered. I just find their features very appealing. I’ve been through many online shopping Philippines sites (I bought my camera from Lazada and some of my signature clothes from Zalora) and they all provide an equally satisfying service. Goods Ph on the other hand is special on its own right and allow me to list down the things I want from their site.
User-Friendly Interface
Goods PH offers a simple interface. All items are sorted according to their respective categories and navigation is easily manageable. You can easily access their New Arrival items and also their existing promo. Signing up is also simple and you can even use your Facebook Account just to establish your own profile.
Huge Collection of Items
You can spot almost everything from this shop. From Mobiles, tablets and Camera to a wide range of clothes and apparel for both men and women. Fashionistas will appreciate their huge collection of items like shoes, jewelries, watches and a lot more accessories. They also have appliances, travel equipment and more. Oh ! They also offer Free Shipping around Metro Manila
If you’re done signing up for an account, make sure to keep yourself updated especially when it comes to their promos which allow you to buy items in surprisingly great discounts. Their “Warehouse Clear-Out” promo for an instance allow you to buy items up to 90% discount! Those who signed up for an account will also receive a Free Php250 Voucher!Goods PH Warehouse Clear Out Promo
To catch more of their awesome items and promos, you better follow them on their social media accounts for more updates
Facebook: GoodsPH
Twitter: @Goods_PH
Instagram: @goods_ph
Google Plus: Goods PH Google Plus

Change The Way You See Beauty

25061043905_d531b4e28f_zHave you ever experienced being so unhappy with yourself? Have you ever felt so mad that you have so many flaws in your body that whenever you go out, you will just visualize yourself being scrutinized by the people around you? Have you ever been so disappointed to yourself that you just wish to look like somebody else who is nothing but perfect from head to toe? Have you ever been discriminated in a way that it drowns you in so much depression? Beauty is such a simple word but it is being interpreted in so many ways. Just because you have many flaws, you are fat, you are thin or short doesn’t mean you are not beautiful. If you have this kind of mindset right now, then you better start changing it, otherwise, you will find yourself in such nightmare that will take you almost forever to escape. Believe me! I’ve been there and I can tell you that it is one of the darkest chapters of my life. I would love to share you my experiences right now because I would like you to change the way you see ”beauty” before it’s too late

“Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.”

There is a cliché stating that “beauty is only skin deep” that external attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality. Well, these are all true as I have seen many couples who managed to build a strong relationship and embraced each other’s flaws. As much as I want to convince myself that someone will love me based on my character and personality and not the way I look, there is something inside me who keeps on discouraging my thoughts, telling me that you could have a girlfriend only if you look this way and only if you act that way. For a guy who used to have a waistline that reaches 50 inch and above (yeah, that’s almost a size of the whole tape measure), I’m sure you’ll understand where exactly I am coming from.collagerr
Yes, I was once obese and I can blame no one except myself for abusing my body. The more I gain weight, the more I lose my confidence until I came to a point that I decided just to isolate myself from the others because I always have this fear that I will be discriminated because of how I look. Well, I know some of them will do, because I have experienced it so many times and I still feel the pain. I still remember riding a bus but ended up being a laughing subject because people see me occupying the two seats. Of course, I never let them see my pain but deep inside my heart is breaking into pieces. I want to cry but I don’t want to because I no longer want them to see my other weakness. Being discriminated is like being shot by invisible bullets that will penetrate all the way to your mind, heart and soul and will remain there forever!
Every day for me is being hopeless. I will just lie down and try to sleep because I know in my dreams, I am that ideal guy that everyone can adore. I am that guy who is just so cool in a way that he no longer needs to do much just to please everybody. Every time I see a couple, I always tell myself “oh this guy is so lucky, he is gifted with a nice body with a nice amount of confidence and that’s how he got his girl”. As you see, my mind was completely corrupted because of the kind of environment I grew up with. I gave “Beauty” a criteria, a standard that should be followed. I fell into a trap that is seemingly inescapable. I was too focused on that kind of mindset that I failed to realized the real meaning behind this simple word.
Regrets, that is the only thing I got from this corrupted perspective of beauty. It’s true that I lost so much weight but the fear is still there. I still have these thoughts that I might get rejected again, the fear that someone will scrutinized me from head to toe, the doubts that people who starting to like me only look on my physical appearance and not what I really am within and the pain of being discriminated. All these, because I completely messed up my thoughts and I let the people around me dictate what they want me to be.1013341_10207056960455737_7527781222466881845_n
This is the reason why I am encouraging everyone to change the way you see beauty. We are all perfect and special in our own ways. We better stop showing what we are not just to please the people around us! We should stop hating our body, our face, and our personalities and instead, we should embrace our flaws and imperfections and let people accept who we are. Go ahead and start grabbing your phone, take selfies and let the world know that we are all confidently beautiful with a heart (*wink).

I would like to end this post with this photo and I encourage everyone who intensely believe that beauty is not about looks, make ups or clothes. That True beauty comes from being yourself and the more you show who you really are, the prettier you will be, to spread a word and help others to escape their own nightmares by changing the way they see beauty.13932237_500111333517384_1853426345_otr

Health Benefits of Taheebo Tea

Have you heard about the miracles brought by the natural Taheebo Tea? Taheebo Tea is more like an ancient form of medicine that has been used by most tribesmen in South America. The tree is commonly found in most rainforest of South America and it can grow up to 90 feet tall.  photo IMG_7422_zpsf733ec85.jpgIt has proven that Taheebo Tea has a lot of health benefits and for a person like me who is very eager to boost my immune system naturally, Taheebo Tea is indeed a perfect alternative for my coffee and other unhealthy beverages. We may not have Taheebo Tree here in the Philippines but we can still have an opportunity to drink it on a daily basis through My Marvel Taheebo Herbal Tea. Honestly, I really hate tea and I really can’t take the bitter taste of it but after some health issues I have experienced these past few months which forbids me to drink coffee, juices and other drinks that are rich in caffeine and acid, i decided to drink Taheebo Tea and eventually get used to it (it’s not really bad actually).

Taheebo is considered as a powerful herb that helps cure diverse form of diseases including cancer. They said that it has a natural antibiotic properties fights infection. It is also known to improve someone’s immune system too. Other health benefits includes the ability to combat diverse kind of ailments such as allergies, arthritis, diabetes, diarreah, fever, flu, goiter, hemorrhoids, infections , insomnia, kidney trouble, skin diseases and tumor.

Scientists and medical practitioners also concur that Taheebo Tea is a powerful natural analgesic, anti-oxidant and decongestant. It is indeed a miracle tea and I wouldn’t mind consuming two to three tea bags per day.