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The Benefits of Online Shopping And Why You Should Start It With Goods PH

I still remember when I was a kid, my mom used to take me and my little brother in Divisoria to shop for goodies. It is always rewarding when you find items in great discounts and Divisoria has always been the best place to get such. A frugal guy like me will always grab the opportunity to avail those highly discounted items and whenever there’s a promo or a big sale, you can always count me in. However, now that we are on a so-called digital age, things are way different now. Millenials are now introduced into a much more convenient way of shopping. In fact, it is too convenient that you do not even need to go out just to do such.
Online shopping has become the most popular way for millenials to shop for goodies. All they need to do is to open up their computer or even their mobile, go to the shopping site, browse for the items they desire and transact! Viola! The items will be delivered in no time. I know some of you still prefer going out on the market or malls as it is also a great form of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer the traditional way of shopping goods but sometimes we must learn how to embrace the benefits we can get from these modern shopping philippines
Online Shopping Can Save time
You can do the transactions anywhere especially in the comfort of your home and you do not even need to think of the clothes to wear (you can even shop even you’re just wearing undies haha). In my case for example, if I will be traveling from Cavite to Divisoria, it will cost me 2 to 3 hours just to reach the place (it depends on the traffic). I will spend another 2 or 3 hours of shopping and then another 2 hours going back. You see, the 5-6 hours were all spent in commuting and I could have done something more useful during those hours. Online shopping, on the other hand, allows you to buy items in just few clicks away. The Cons: Although the items can be purchased in an instant, you cannot have the items right away as they need to be shipped first
Not just it saves time, but it could be a stress free method too. Dealing with huge and overwhelming crowd and competing with other “bargainers” could be really stressful and not to mention the traffic that you have to bear just to get to your destination. It is a hassle-free shopping indeed. You just need to sit in front of your pc, surf the site, browse their items and add them to your virtual cart and that’s all! You just need to connect your bank details or better yet, you can avail items thru their “Cash on Delivery” features where payment can be settled once the item is being delivered! (oh diba Parang pizza lang?)
Online Shops Will Give you Wider options
The problem that I often encounter when shopping is that my options are always limited. For example, I went to Shop A and found that their items are in great discount. So believing that it could be a great deal, I was tempted to buy it. But then, I discovered another Shop that caters the same items but in a bigger discounted price. Unfortunately, I cannot give the items back to Shop A since I already bought it. In Online shopping, users or buyers are given with wider option. You are free to browse every items available and you have the right to refuse if you think that there is a much better item.
Since we are talking about online shopping, the first thing that you should consider is to find a reliable online shopping site. There are so many online shopping sites in the Philippines and you just have to be very clever on picking one. I personally recommend Goods PH, an online shopping site that I recently discovered. I just find their features very appealing. I’ve been through many online shopping Philippines sites (I bought my camera from Lazada and some of my signature clothes from Zalora) and they all provide an equally satisfying service. Goods Ph on the other hand is special on its own right and allow me to list down the things I want from their site.
User-Friendly Interface
Goods PH offers a simple interface. All items are sorted according to their respective categories and navigation is easily manageable. You can easily access their New Arrival items and also their existing promo. Signing up is also simple and you can even use your Facebook Account just to establish your own profile.
Huge Collection of Items
You can spot almost everything from this shop. From Mobiles, tablets and Camera to a wide range of clothes and apparel for both men and women. Fashionistas will appreciate their huge collection of items like shoes, jewelries, watches and a lot more accessories. They also have appliances, travel equipment and more. Oh ! They also offer Free Shipping around Metro Manila
If you’re done signing up for an account, make sure to keep yourself updated especially when it comes to their promos which allow you to buy items in surprisingly great discounts. Their “Warehouse Clear-Out” promo for an instance allow you to buy items up to 90% discount! Those who signed up for an account will also receive a Free Php250 Voucher!Goods PH Warehouse Clear Out Promo
To catch more of their awesome items and promos, you better follow them on their social media accounts for more updates
Facebook: GoodsPH
Twitter: @Goods_PH
Instagram: @goods_ph
Google Plus: Goods PH Google Plus

What A Great Year It Has Been! Thank You 2016

15319142_10209735067886749_5873273747103510315_n1Okay I know it’s too late for a Year End post but I will post this anyway. 2016 was such a great year for me. 2016 for me is the year of exploration, the year where I finally managed to step out of my comfort zone.

IMG_0263ttFinding My Blogging Niche
I have been into blogging for almost ten years now. In span of ten years, I was able to build more than 20 blogs but I never came up with my own niche.  I decided to focus on this blog instead but I had a rough start because I really don’t know what niche to focus on until I had my solo travel in Baguio last February for Panagbenga. I realized that maybe I could be more effective as a travel blogger not because I used to travel a lot but because I want to challenge myself to explore places that I have never been and do things beyond my expectations. In addition to that, I dare myself to take my pilgrimage tours to another level. Since then, my feet are always itching to explore and I am always craving for new adventure.  Allow me to summarize my adventures last 2016

Stepping Out Of my Comfort Zone
I might be an old blogger but socializing has never been my thing. Although I have been wanting to meet other bloggers in person, I never had a courage to do so. Until one day, I got invited by Axl Guinto to watch a play. I had doubts and I was quite hesitant but I decided to give it a try. It will bring no harm to me anyway haha. It was my first time to meet a blogger in person and it was such a great experience. I have met a lot of blogger this year. Some are through events while others are through blogging convention.

The Year I Was Introduced With The Colorful World of Theater
My friend Axl took me to this colorful world of theater. I was clueless about it at first but I have been very eager to watch a stage play and a musical ever since. The first play I have ever watched is PSF’s Katips : Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero which became an eye opener to me. Since then, Axl invited me to join him to watch other plays until I became part of his Star Power House team.  Some of my personal favorite stage plays this year includes Philippine Stager Foundation’s Katips, Gantimpala Foundation’s Kanser, 9 Works Theatrical’s Tick Tick Boom and Ateneo Blue Rep’s Addams Family.

When I Learned Baybayin
One of the best things I have learned this year is the process of writing the ancient Philippine script known as the Baybayin. I have attended a couple of workshops including one in Sulyap Sa Quiapo Lecture Series and another one in Project Saysay Workshop. Baybayin really took my interest and learning it was such a great and rewarding experience. Since then, every time I saw Baybayin scriptures written in various places, I felt so much joy and thrill.

When I finally Meet New Friends
Believe it or not, I have always been a loner. I am probably the most boring person you will ever meet because I don’t really talk that much. I have many so-called friends but most of them are just acquaintances. I used to isolate myself from people and it is so hard for me to trust anyone but 2016 took me to a path that is way far beyond my expectations. I started socializing not because I had to but because I really want to. I met different people this year and started to befriend them. I am not getting any younger so I realized that maybe I really need to change myself and my perspective in life. I decided to bury all my baggage and start a new life. I started hanging out with people that shares the same interests with me and I realized that I should have done this before!

When I lost my Dad

If there are good things, 2016 also left me some sad memories. We lost our dad this year. It was a rough year for him because he suffered a lot from his Lung cancer. I don’t know… it was so heartbreaking every time I visualize his poor condition months before he passed away. It was really one of the saddest moments in my life but I know everything happens for a reason and my dad is finally on a better place where he no longer feel pain and suffer!

When I finally found the One
I actually don’t want to speak much about this because I would like to keep in private as much as possible but if there is really one thing that made my 2016 so special is when that special girl came into my life! I never thought that I would be this “cheesy” and “corny” but yeah I don’t care haha. I guess God is really working His ways that after all the trials and challenges I’ve been through, He is finally rewarding me with a love story that He wrote. Aiyeee

It was a great 2016 journey I must say and God has been very good to me. I hope 2017 will bring me a better and much more exciting adventure. It could be more challenging and there might be so many trials to face but I know God is with me and it will be part of His plans. I wish you guys a prosperous year!



Inexpensive Christmas Home Decorating Ideas And How to Save Big Time From Groupon Coupons

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. All opinions, however, are 100% mine

I remember when I was a kid, I simply cannot hide all the excitement especially when my mom is starting to unpack those old storage boxes containing all the Christmas decors that we had on the previous year. My mom taught me how to be creative and resourceful when it comes to such matter. We do not throw the Christmas decors right away and as much as possible, we try to keep them all and put them in a safe place so we can still use most of them on the following year.

Of course, we do not want to see the same design every year so my mom usually pick her craft box and try to improvise the decors so they will look something new but if it’s not going to work, that’s the time my mom will buy a new set. I actually find it more exciting because my mom used to bring us with her and allow me and brother to pick our preferred decors. My mom taught us how to be frugal and practical at the same time. Christmas preparation might sound so expensive and time consuming but there are actually many ways out there that can help you save money and time and all it takes is little amount of creativity and imagination. Allow me to share you some ideal tips on effective and inexpensive Christmas preparation and how can you save big time!
1. Save Old Christmas Decors and Place them In Safe Storage
Unlike other things that we frequently use at home, these home decors are just being used occasionally. Therefore, these items can last for a long period of time if you keep them in a safe storage. Just make sure that the storage is free from some kind of pests or other substances that can destroy the materials. Seal them tight and when the holiday is nearly approaching, you can unpack them and use them again. It is just a matter of being resourceful!
2. Be Creative and Use your Imagination
If you think you are creative enough, you can transform those old Christmas decors into something new and make them look more special. You can use your paint or other resources, combine them together and viola! You got a new décor to display! In case you are running out of ideas, you can always rely online and look for some creative solutions so you can come up with interesting and unique Christmas ideas. Internet is a very powerful tool after all and you can search almost everything.
3. Choose the Right Color for the Season
Christmas preparation doesn’t have to be very complicated. Sometimes little changes can make huge difference. Changing the color of the curtain for an instance can lift up the Christmas Spirit at home. Red is a very ideal color that we often associated with this much awaited holiday. You can also compliment it with white, green, silver or gold. You can also apply these method outdoors.
4. Save Big Time With Groupon Coupons
I’m pretty sure that you guys have heard about Groupon Coupons and how beneficial they can be especially for practical buyer like me. Who doesn’t want discounts after all? Through Groupon Coupons, you can cut off those extra expenses and save money big time. The site offers a huge collection of coupons applicable for an overwhelming amount of brands. Here you can get promo codes for discounts, items that are on great sale and some interesting In-store offers.
hdSince we are talking about home Christmas decorations, I personally suggest you to look over their Home Decorators Collection Coupons as they currently offer up to 20- 50% off in thousands of items in Home Decorators and if you are lucky enough you can also grab their 10% discount in any of their Holiday items and they can ship them to you for
For Ornaments, snow globes and other Christmas-related displays, you can check their “Things Remembered” coupons which currently offer great discounts to their selected special Personalized Christmas gift items. Same thing goes with Brookstone! You can search more items and see great discounts as well.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, you might also consider those available from Groupon too!

As you can see, there are many ways to save money for Christmas home decorating. You do not need top spend a lot just to have them all. Sometimes we have to be practical and the steps and ideas above are just good and effective ways to to save money this coming holiday. Good luck and happy Christmas shopping to all.

If you are interested with Groupon, feel free to check their site or be updated with their official social media sites below

Facebook : Groupon
Twitter: @Groupon

Filled Your Christmas Gift List This Year With Awesome Deals And Insane Gift Ideas From Groupon

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. All opinions, however, are 100% mine

Time is really running so fast and I still can’t imagine that we only have two months left before the much awaited holiday. Two months are actually ideal enough to prepare for almost everything. It is good enough to come up with the list of items to be given away to your love ones and to know where exactly to find them! For a frugal guy like me, I always find ways to get great deals and discounts. I always make sure to buy items that are very affordable yet the qualities are not being compromised. Who doesn’t want to buy items in great discounts right?
So where does a frugal guy like me used to buy gifts? When it comes to buying cheap items, Divisoria is always the first place that will come to my mind. It’s the central all –around market here in the country and you can find everything you are looking for. Whether you are buying products on wholesale or retail, they can all be bought in very interesting low price. Some can even be purchased on their factory prices. The only problem however is that Divi is way too far from my place and I have to travel all the way from Cavite just to reach this heavily-crowded marketplace.
Desperate to find a new place to buy cheap items, I discovered the benefits of online shopping. Well, online shopping has so many benefits that every buyer can freely embrace! First of all, it is very convenient since you no longer need to travel all the way to the market and you just have to wait for the items to be delivered instead. Secondly, the shopping portals will provide you a wide range of items to choose from (without those irate vendors who will not allow you to explore much of their items in their shops). Third, items are in great discounts! Most items are surprisingly purchasable in very low prices yet they are branded and of high quality.
Security however is the top most concern when it comes to online shopping so you better pick an online company with higher reputation much like the Groupon site. The site has been tested through times and they have been very faithful in delivering great services to their customers! I have purchased several Groupon Goods from the site and I can personally attest that they are indeed very reliable and their customer service is very overwhelming. Now that Christmas is nearly approaching, I have been monitoring the site from time to time, hoping to get great deals. When it comes to Groupons, you can never tell what kind of surprises will await you. Items that are on sale usually arrive in daily basis but the duration is quick and limited so you better grab them while they are still available.
fbI was browsing the site earlier today and I found some great Christmas gift ideas. This Hypoallergenic Memory Bamboo Pillow for an instance can be purchased on over half of its original price (it’s on a jawdropping 54% discount men!). I bet my mom would love this! For kiddos, toys and other gadgets are also in great deals and you might want to grab them now!
Here are some great Groupon Goods that are currently in great sale that you can buy to fill your Christmas gift list this year!
groupongoodsAdult Coloring Book and Colored Pencil Set for $24.99 instead of $80.91groupongoods214k Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Kids Drop earring for $5 instead of $65
groupongoods3White Standard Hoverboard Scooter for @219.99 instead of $499.99groupongoods4Waterproof and bed bugs proof pillow protector for $9.99 instead of $24.99

Most items even offer free shipping! See? It seems like Divisoria is no longer the only place to find great discounted items! Feel free to check their site or be updated with their official social media sites below

Facebook : Groupon
Twitter: @Groupon