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Let’s Explore Manila : The Manila Zoo And The Current Condition of Mali

After our trip to Rizal Park (Check : Rizal Park) , my brother and I went to another notable destination in Manila but this one is actually catered for kiddos. Interestingly, the last time I went here is when I was in Kinder as part of our field trip and since then, I never got the chance to visit the place again. Yes, I am referring to the oldest zoo not just in Manila but in Asia, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden or simply the Manila Zoo.IMG_0282tAlthough it has been two decades since the last time I step my foot here, i can still visualize those moments my brother and I had here. I still remember Mali and those giraffes that we fed ( I know there were giraffes here before… err or maybe I was just dreaming). I remember how that silly monkey grabbed my brother’s hair haha.20170102_123857tManila zoo is indeed one of the oldest zoos in Asia. It was established in July 25, 1959. It covers an entire 5.5 hectare of land with over 1000 animals of 90 different species as of 2015. For non Manila residents like us, the entrance fee to the zoo is worth Php100 while Manila residents have the privilage to enter the premises for just half the price (Php50) . They just have to show a valid ID to prove their residency.20170102_123946t


The most popular animal in the zoo is probably Mali (Maali). Mali is the only captive elephant in the country and thus made her the loneliest elephant in the world (that’s most people are claiming). She was transferred in the country from Sri Lanka since 1977. The elephant was confined to a barren, concrete enclosure of the zoo for 40 years which raised the eyebrows of different animal rights organization especially PETA.IMG_0228tSeveral campaigns were built with the aim to free Manila from the zoo and to bring the elephant back to its natural habitat. Contrary to the reports though, Mali’s condition is seemingly not as depressing as what the news told us. Don’t get me wrong , I am not an expert here but Mali is not as malnourished as what we were being told. She looks really old though and yea, you can feel the sadness from her. If only the government will extend effort to improve her condition and bring another elephant on the zoo to be her companion. Elephants are know for socializing so it is really heartbreaking to see her in such solitude.IMG_0225tIMG_0315tYou can only see Mali walking around in circle and is not engage with any other activities. You can also see those white spots around her ears and nose but I cannot tell if its just a sign of aging or some sort of skin disease.IMG_0304tThe fowl smell is very strong in her area too. Although it is painful to watch Mali in such condition, seeing the only captive elephant upclose is truly something to marvel.

IMG_0333tYellow Tortoise
IMG_0344tRed-eared Slider TurtleIMG_0372tLong necked yellow turtleIMG_0384tMonitor LizardIMG_0405tBurmese PythonIMG_0408tIguanasIMG_0347tCrocodileIMG_0362tIMG_0283tHippopotamus (seriosuly it took me awhile but this is the only best shot I got… this hippo didn’t even move a muscle haha)IMG_0257tA wide species of birdsIMG_0273tIMG_0263tJust look at her wonderfully patterned wingsIMG_0293tMr Hippo’s companyIMG_0302tCassowaryIMG_0422tIMG_0443tTamarawIMG_0452tIt’s not a horse, not yet a zebra… it’s Hebra!IMG_0463tIMG_0471tIMG_0484tMonkeys!!!IMG_0495tMonkeys and their routineIMG_0498tThis red face Japanese monkeyIMG_0615tYellow Crocs. Sorry I lost the copy of their names 🙁
IMG_0545tBengal Tiger
IMG_0584tZebuIMG_0578tIMG_0590tGuinea PigsIMG_0598tIMG_0610tIMG_0622tBinturong or BearcatIMG_0625tPeacockIMG_0630tIMG_0645tHelmeted Guineafowl
IMG_0638tThere is also an area in  the zoo known as “Kinder Zoo” which features an educational tour and a lot of fun activities for kids including a bird show, a photo opp with large python , a boat ride and many more. There is , however a separate entrance fee for Kinder Zoo worth Php75 (excluding other activity fees).

►The entrance fee to Manila Zoo is Php100 for non-Manila visitors and Php50 for Manila residents (valid ID should be presented
►The entrance fee to Kinder Zoo is Php75
►There’s also a fee of Php75 for Adventure Jungle Unlimited Wall Climb & Zip Line Ride
►Bundle Packages are also available ranging from Php100 to Php125
►Do not feed the Animals!
►It is also a Botanical Garden so expect to see a wide variety of plants and trees
►Souvenir shops are almost everywhere
►There is an area where you can buy foods and also an area where you are allowed to eat
►You can also avail the Boat Ride in Manila zoo for Php60
►Photo booths with Snakes, Monkeys and Tigers or Birds can range from Php100-Php150
►Manila Zoo is open Everyday (including Holidays) from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How to Get to Manila Zoo
The Zoo is just located near the Manila Hospital and Harrison Plaza so if you are coming from South, simply ride a bus bound to Lawton and drop off to Quirino LRT Station. From there ride pedicab going to Manila Zoo.

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So after the Manila Zoo brought up the inner kid in us, we left the zoo in such glee. So if you think we’re done with Intramuros, well, we actually went back to this place to visit our next destination ~ The Baluarte De San Diego and I will post more details about this interesting historical part of Intramuros in my next #LetsExploreManila entry.

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By the Way , Cavite City also has their own Botanical and Zoological Garden – Check: Cavite City Zoo

[Movie Review] Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 : A Superhero Movie Of Pure Comical Delight

Three years ago, we were all introduced to a new group of lesser-known Marvel superheroes. Well for someone like me who never got the chance to read the older Marvel comics, I never really heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy until they all hit the theaters last 2014 and instantly became a worldwide sensation. This intergalactic group of unlikely heroes has become a phenomena and is widely embraced by everyone. Their status as superheroes may not be as well established as the other Marvel characters from the Avengers but the Guardians of the Galaxy is special in their very own rights.

Despite of their differences in terms of their beliefs and behavior, there was this kind of chemistry that binds them all and make them a surprisingly ideal group of Superheroes. The first movie was absolutely a great blast which left us all wanting more and now, the long wait is over as the Guardians of the Galaxy will finally rock the cinemas today for its highly anticipated sequel.
nullPhoto Credit : Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 follows the story of Peter Quill who is better known as the Starlord (Played by Chris Pratt)and his gang of eccentric characters including Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Drax (Dave Bautista) , and of course the crowd’s favorite Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel).  The group find themselves in another great danger after stealing the batteries from the Sovereign race lead by certain highest priestess named Ayesha (played by Elizabeth Debicki).  Ironically, they actually accepted the job offered by her to protect the batteries from an intergalactic monsters to have Nebula in return but Raccoon is undeniably a trickster by nature so when the group was caught stealing, they need to escape the overwhelming computer generated army of the Sovereign.
AYL0350_CMP_v048.1104Photo Credit : Marvel Studios
They had to crash land to a nearby planet where they met Ego(Kurt Russel) who surprisingly related to Peter Quill. It turns out, Ego was Quill’s genetic father and Starlord was introduced to a planet made by his own dad and also revealed his true abilities. Little did they know, Ego has another agenda that will put not just the guardians but the entire galaxy in danger. So yes, the team is up for another action packed mission to save the galaxy from the possible major catastrophe. Of course, I am not going to spoil the movie so you better watch it on your own risk!
nullPhoto Credit : Marvel Studios

As far as the action sequences are concerned, I think the sequel gave enough justice to the series and is equally impressive to its predecessor. It will still embark you to that visually stunning intergalactic atmosphere that we all enjoyed from the first movie. This is perfectly matched with those clever 80s music selection that will add fun and humor in the movie. What I really love the most in this film are the additional characters and allies. The film will introduced not just Ego but also a certain character named “Mantis” (played by Pom Klementieff) who has the ability to detect people’s inner emotion just by touching them. She also has the ability to alter them and she is also the only one capable of making Ego sleep. I can assure you that she will be one of the likeable characters in this film and her surprising chemistry with Drax will really amuse you.
nullPhoto Credit : Marvel Studios

It is also interesting to note that some of the characters we saw from the first film will also reprise their roles. This time, however, the foes will now show their softer side and will ally with the guardians. Nebula (played Karen Gillan) and Yondu (played by Merle Dixon Michael Rooker) will join the Guardians to fight Ego, the living planet.

What I really appreciate in the film is that fact that each character were given their own special moment to shine. They will briefly reveal their personal lives that we never saw from the first film. I love how the film provide an equally wonderful action and emotional sequences for each character which is really a great way to show how the film build them up for the succeeding installments in the future.
FGB0310_CMP_v016.1098Photo Credit : Marvel Studios

If you love Groot from the first movie, well you will adore him even more due to its overwhelming and irresistible cuteness but I personally think that Drax was a revelation in this movie. His lack of adroitness and sensitivity in this film has become a powerful tool that will put the audience in great laugh. Yondu will also share an equally remarkable moment with the main cast and I actually appreciate his skills here even more.

Aside from the action packed sequences and visually stunning graphics, I can perfectly describe this film as apure comical delight“. There was never a dull moment in this film and in fact, even when you thought that it’s going to be a serious one, there goes a surprising punch line that will make you laugh.

Oh by the way, make sure to observe very keenly and look for that Easter eggs! This film do not just have one but FIVE post credit sequences so make sure to stay in your seat until all of them were revealed. I’m telling you, these post credits will put you into so much excitement!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 rocks the cinema starting today April 26, 2017

Let’s Explore Manila : The Chinese Garden

We were about to leave Rizal Park to hit our next destination but this wonderfully ornate Chinese-inspired gate took our attention so we decided to give it a shot. Just few walks away from Rizal’s execution site (Check: Rizal’s Execution Site) is a serene Chinese Garden adorned with luscious greens and relaxing atmosphere.
20170102_114152tI can’t find any details on when these parks were built (including the Japanese Park) but this garden much like what we have seen in Baguio’s Botanical Garden (the Friendship Pavilion) is possibly made  to promote friendship between China and the Philippines.20170102_114326tSome of the Chinese-inspired decor near the entrance of Chinese Garden. It is also interesting to note that there is a minimal entrance fee in this garden. You can access the place for Php10 and I guess it is very reasonable as the place is seemingly well maintained compare to other gardens that i have seen.20170102_114636tOne of the most interesting highlights of this garden is the man made lagoon which is adorned with luscious greenery and colorful flowers. The pagoda and the gazeebo are also complimenting the relaxing environment.20170102_114653t20170102_114709tIf you’re looking for a quiet and less-crowded place in Luneta, the Chinese Garden is probably the great spot. You can marvel the beauty of this place and embrace the relaxing atmosphere at the same time. 20170102_114752tThe kind of trees you can find from this place are quite special too.20170102_114737tAnd it really feels like you’re in a different place! IMG_0210t20170102_114458tShady boardwalks20170102_115100tJust check out those intricate details? 20170102_114822tThe Chinese Garden is relatively small compare to other gardens in Luneta but absolutely worth visiting. 20170102_115225tAlong the lagoon constructed to simulate a small lake, are pagodas and gazebos that are set off by red pillars and green-tiled roofs and decorated with a profusion of mythical figures.20170102_114353t20170102_114541t20170102_114610tI really appreciate every details in this garden and it also feels like touring Binondo20170102_115150tA Statue of Confucius

This finally concludes our tour in Rizal Park. We headed to our next Manila destination. I’ve been longing to visit this place and I think the last time I went here is when I was in kindergarten! The Manila Zoo!

I will post more details about it in my next Let’s Explore Manila entry!

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Let’s Explore Manila : The Rizal Execution Site

Contrary to the beliefs that Rizal was executed on the site where the Rizal Monument is situated, our national hero was actually executed on a site just few meters away from the monument. A marker was placed on the actual site of execution and a set of oversized diorama were placed nearby depicting not just the execution scenes but the notable events in Rizal’s life.
20170102_112853tYou know, the most interesting parts of exploring various historical sites is that you will get the chance to connect them all as if you are building a puzzle of memories and once you found the connection between two places, that’s the most rewarding part. So while exploring Manila, we’ve connected several places related to Rizal. We’ve learned that he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago (Check: Fort Santiago) and then he was brought into this particular site where he was executed. His remains was secretly interred in Paco Cemetery (Check : Paco Park and Cemetery) and then transferred to its present location where the Rizal Monument is erected (Check : Rizal Park)20170102_112400tI’m not really sure of the actual title given to this particular area of Rizal Park but you will be welcomed by this thick concrete wall with “Ang Pagpapakabayani Ni Dr Jose P Rizal (The Martyrdom of Dr Jose P Rizal) mounted on it. There’s also a clear pond with fountain in front.  It is also very important to note that there is an entrance fee of Php20 to access the area.20170102_112436tBefore entering the site, you will also be welcomed with this black granite wall inscribed with Rizal’s poem “Mi Ultimo Adios“. It was said that Rizal wrote this poem on the eve of his execution by firing squad on 30 December 1896. The piece was one of the last notes he wrote before his death.
20170102_112455tYou will also be welcomed with these impressive bronze sculpture depicting different events of Rizal’s life. The diorama and these sculptures were actually made by Eduardo Castrillo who is also behind some notable sculptures around Manila including the People Power Monument, the Bonifacio Memorial Shrine (Check : Bonifacio Memorial Shrine) and that Historical Bridge in Zapote (Check : Battle of Zapote Bridge)20170102_113534tThe area is more than just an exhibit but also serve as a light and sound theater. The stone chairs are wonderfully arranged to provide the place a theater-like atmosphere. 20170102_112657tThe highlight of course is the dramatical presentation of Rizal’s execution. It features oversized sculptures of Rizal and the firing squad behind him.
20170102_112901tUnderneath the big statue of Rizal is a historical marker to indicate the actual site where Rizal was executed. Our National hero was executed by a firing squad at 7:03 Am on December 30, 1986
20170102_113109tOne of Rizal’s final moments before his execution. You can see his arms being tied up. 20170102_113232tIt’s sad that I know nothing much about Rizal’s timeline but this one could be Rizal along with Lt. Taviel de Andrade and Fr. Antonio Rosell who both visited Rizal in the prison prior to his execution.
20170102_113251tRizal and Josephine Bracken in their last moments together. It is said that Jose Rizal and Josephine were canonically blessed as husband and wife by Fr. Balaguer. 20170102_113343tRizal writing down his last letter and poem Mi Ultimo Adios on eve before his execution20170102_113414tizal knelt before his beloved mother, begging for forgiveness and understanding; the mother and son were separated by the strong grip of the prison guard.20170102_113455tThe Trial20170102_113023tRizal contribution to our country is truly incomparable and his death is even more so. Through his writings and his love for our country ignited Filipino’s sense of nationalism and because of him and the rest of the heroes who offered their life and love for our country we will never experience the kind of freedom we have today.

After a quick peak to Rizal’s execution site, we headed to another park nearby, the Chinese Garden and I will share more about this scenic garden in my next #LetsExploreManila entry.

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