P7220477erHey It’s me! Bluedreamer27! I have been into blogging since 2007 and this site is personally dedicated to my interests, travels and escapades! I am not a travel savvy guy but it is always my dream to explore my country and I’m going to start it first on my very own hometown! Part of my bucket list is to explore all the churches in Cavite and in nearby towns and if I am lucky enough, I want to visit those famous churches in the country as well. I am also a geeky cosplay fans so do not be surprised to see a lot of cosplay convention -related events in my blog! Thanks for visiting my humble abode!

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice blog about the celebration of 75th Founding Anniversary of LOM in the Philippines. God bless you more, Bro! Sama ako sa pagbisita mo sa mga churches. hehe. 🙂

  2. Wow you’ve been blogging for a really long time! I love your idea of exploring your hometown first before seeing the rest of your country. i could learn a few things from you!

  3. Hey, you’re back blogging! Good for you! Hmn, nainggit ako bigla haha My blog’s been gathering dust hehe Good luck! Oh, and it’s nice reading about your visits to some churches. Keep it up.

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