A Satisfying Meal From Mang Inasal

After a refreshing dessert at Chowking, it seems that my tummy was not satisfied yet. I was aiming for a bigger and heavier meal and who cares about the diet huh! haha. I decided to have my lunch at Mang Inasal which is just few blocks away from Chowking.As you can see, Mang Inasal is located in a building (Image shown Left : taken from the web). It is located on the second floor specifically.  Honestly, this is my first time to try “Mang Inasal” but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the restaurant. Mang Inasal is the first Barbeque restaurant in the Philippines serving Chicken Barbecue or Chicken Inasal and other interesting menus. Inasal is a popular Ilonggo dish which is done by marinating chicken pieces into a special of spices then grilled.

I was welcomed by their crew enthusiastically and I should commend them by doing such approach to their customers. The place is quite hot and I noticed a group of people currently fixing their aircon which is probably the reason behind the place’ poor ventilation at that time.

So I went to their counter area to check their menus. To  my surprise, Mang Inasal is also offering their own version of Halo-halo (you can check the rest of their menus here) One thing I love about Mang Inasal is their unlimited Rice and Iced tea. So I decided to order their Pecho (breast part).


The meal is indeed a satisfying one. One of their crew approached me and ask me if I want another cup of rice. He gave me one. A few minutes later, a girl crew approached me again but this time, she’s  offering me another cup of Iced Tea. I thought I can finish my meal but my stomach is starting to ache. Another guy offered me another cup of rice but I refused because I’m too full. I left the restaurant and decided to take some walk outside before riding the bus to Cavite.

This is the fourth and the last part of my entry regarding to what I did last June 14 after processing my clearance form. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. haha, nice service from them huh?? keep asking if you want additional rice and iced tea.. but too bad, you aren't a big eater right?? :p

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