A Dream To Become A Musician

Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of becoming musician. I remember visualizing myself performing in front of great crowds embracing the overwhelming response from my imaginary fans. When I grew up, I did exert some effort to learn how to play at least one musical instrument but I just end up with so much frustration. Well, I have learned the basics but I have to accept the fact that it is impossible for me to turn those ambitious dreams of mine into a reality.P1202380Since I am not a fast learner when it comes to this matter, i am quite hesitant to invest money to buy musical instruments yet. I believe that my knowledge in music is not good enough yet to treat myself with these stuffs. Luckily for me, I have a cousin who got his own set of instruments including this bass guitar which I always borrow from him. Interestingly, bass guitar is not always the first choice for those who wanted to learn guitar but little did they know, bass guitar player plays plays a crucial role in every band. The bass player’s role in the band is to maintain the rhythmic groove.  Bass guitars, however, cannot be appreciated easily if it is not accompanied by equipments like amplifiers. It takes a lot of juice plus hefty speakers to accurately reproduce the output of an electric bass, and there’s a vast selection of gear available to meet those requirements. Basic guitar amplifiers may work effectively for bass guitars but it would be more ideal to use a specialized bass amp like mark bass for example.

I may not be a great musician today or in the near future but this wouldn’t stop me from doing what I love. Playing instrument, after all, is a skill what we can all learn. With right amount of determination and passion, everything is possible.

The Malate Church

Few months ago, I finally got the chance to visit the Malate Church. It has always been on my bucket list to visit this place and when my Aunt invited me to join her and her family in their pilgrimage in Manila, I didn’t hesitate at all as they were planning to visit not just the Malate Church but also the Ermita Shrine, St Jude and Sto Domingo church. Our first destination was the Baclaran church (check my Baclaran church post here) followed by the Malate Church.P3234564ttMalate Church or formally known as Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church is a Baroque-style church situated in front of the Plaza Rajah Sulayman. The church is under the patronage of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (“Our Lady of Remedies”). The church was built in 1588 and knowing that it is already 4 century old, you can clearly tell that this church has a lot of story to tell. The miraculous image of the Virgen de los Remedios was brought from Spain by Fr. Juan de Guevara and since then, the devotion to the Virgin Mary made Malate a very famous sanctuary. People flocked to venerate the image, especially on Saturdays. Women presented their babies to the Virgin (the Our Lady of Remedies is the patroness of childbirth). P3234565ttThe church went numerous restoration and renovation. It was utterly destroyed by an earthquake in 1645, demolished in 1667 due to the threat posed by the pirate Koxinga. Through the centuries, the Malate Church has been a silent witness to Philippine history having survived the Chinese invasion of 1662, the British occupation of the church in 1762, the Great Earthquake of 1863, and the World War II bombings in February 1945 during the liberation of Manila.P3234560tMalate is unique among old Luzon churches because of its elaborate retablo-inspired façade, with its spiral columns and arches and relief carvings of religious symbols such as the sacred heart of the Augustinians, who originally built the church. The facade recently went an extensive restoration which brought back the church’s former glory. The interior of the church compare to other churches has a very simple approach. It doesn’t feature any intricate detailing or carvings much like what you can see from St Augustine Church in Intramuros but the place is surprisingly spacious inside. P3234562tToo bad I wasn’t able to witness the Our Lady of Remedies since the image was covered in observance of the Holy Week. The image of Our Lady of Remedies or Nuestra Señora de los Remedios is enshrined on the main altar.P3234559tA statue depicting the La Pieta can be found outside the church. It is built in 1997 to pay tribute to those who were killed in World War 2. P3234558tIf this old tree can talk, I’m pretty sure it has so many stories to tell. It might have witnessed a lot of events that has huge historical significance. P3234566tThe church’s main door.P3234567tA historical marker in front of the church. P3234557tLocated beside the church is the Remedios Jubilee Mission Center which also serves as the church office of Malate Catholic Church. This is also where the Parish Columban fathers reside and work. The place also offers facilities for wedding venue and receptions.

By the way, did you know that Malate Church is the oldest parish run by the Society of St. Columban in the Philippines? Interestingly, after 426 years, the church recently had its very first Filipino parish priest in the person of Columban priest Fr. Leonito “Leo” Distor.

Family Outing At Mount Sea Resort In Rosario Cavite

P5220017tA week after attending a summer function at Hardin ng Postema Resort in Tanza, Cavite, my family and I decided to spend our summer together in MountSea Resort in Rosario Cavite. Unlike the venue we picked last year, Mount Sea resort is quite small and the amount of pools are not as overwhelming as WaterCamp, Volets or even the Postema. At first I thought, this will not be as exciting as our previous summer outings but we surprisingly had a blast here and I personally enjoyed every second of our stay.P5220020tMount Sea Resort is located in Rosario, Cavite and of the most notable highlights of this resort is their luxury hotel which as they say, defines a modern staycation getaway. Since we are just planning for a day tour and the place is just one ride away from our home, i don’t think staying in their hotel is not necessary.P5220021tFor those who are not availing their hotel rooms, the resort is still available for the day tour passer. The entrance fee per head is Php300 (according to their MetroDeal package) which is quite pricey compare to bigger resorts here in Cavite but interestingly, the resort offers promos which can be availed in two ways. You can either avail it via MetroDeal or through their early bird promo. The day pass admission will allow you to save almost 67% of the actual price. We took their early bird promo by arriving in their place before 7 am. The entrance fee for early bird comers will be Php99 per head and the pools that you can use will depend on the cottage you availed too.
P5220024tThe resort will open their venue at exactly 8 am so we really have to wait for that long queue under the striking heat of the sun. Anyway, we already paid our fees so that’s too late for us to complain. We took their Nipa Hut cottage which comes up with a private zenpool that can only be used exclusively by those who rented their Nipa hut cottages. Everyone, however, is welcome to use the Resort’s Waterfront pool. The landscape pool is spacious enough to accomodate a huge amount of people. P5220025tThe private Zenpool. They have two private pools (the other one is available for another set of Nipa Hut renters.)
P5220030tThe Waterfront Pool. This landscaped pool is divided into two section. The first half (located near their Comfort Rooms) is the kiddie pool area which is only 2 to 3ft high. The kiddie pool comes up with kiddie slides and attractions including these mini bridge, fountains platforms and slides. P5220029tP5220031tThe kiddie pool area of their Waterfront
P5220027tThe other half is the deeper section of the pool where you can find their giant slides. There are two spiral slides on both ends and four adjacent two-story high slides on the middle. The water is 5 1/2 deep. Life guards are present in this area but they are seemingly not so attentive as we encountered some issues regarding those people who use the slides improperly. 20160522_085719tMe and my little brother having fun!20160522_090355_1Me, my sister and her boyfriend.20160522_090327tYours truly ^_^20160522_091954ttMe, mom, Aunt and cousin.20160522_092056tMe and my sis

A video posted by @bluedreamer1227 on

A video posted by @bluedreamer1227 on

A video posted by @bluedreamer1227 on

We really had so much fun and our pictures and videos are good enouh to prove it.20160522_15233620160522_122327Outside their facility is a recreation area including a wide basketball field, a huge space for volleyball and badminton and fun challenge field perfect for team building.20160522_122345tThe challenge includes different obstacle course such as hillclimbing, wall climbing and more.20160522_122552tHere I am trying to pass through their obstacle courses…20160522_122758tthe hillclimb20160522_123346tThe wallclimb challenge20160522_123522tMy sister on own of the obstacle courses.
20160522_153339tMe chilling out on their private zenpool before leaving ^_^

PS: The resort is quite strict with their dress code rule.. Men should either be topless or should wear a rushguard or any spandex clothing. Women on the other hand should wear white shirt or proper swimming attire.

There is no outlet available in each Cottage.

There is a medical attendant that you can freely approach in case you need basic medical attention. No charge!

How to get here:
From Coastal/ MOA/ Baclaran, simply ride any buy bound to Tanza/Naic/ Ternate or Maragondon. You can ask the driver to drop you off at MountSea Resort. You can see their signage along the road once you passed by the Rosario area.

10 Things You Should Not Miss When Visiting The Aguinaldo Shrine

June 12 is one of the most significant date in Philippine history simply because it is the time when our Independence day was proclaimed. Independence was proclaimed on June 12, 1898 and there is no better way to celebrate this special day other than visiting the mansion where our Independence day was declared. The iconic mansion of Emilio Aguinaldo or better known as the Aguinaldo Shrine plays a huge part in Philippine history.  It was established in 1845 which was entirely made from wood and thatch. The entire 4,000 square feet property is now a museum that houses various memorabilia related to Emilio Aguinaldo and the declaration of Independence day. So for those who are planning to visit the mansion this coming Independence Day, here are ten things you should not miss!

  1. The Aguinaldo Park

p4211278t_17887733955_oThe park in front of the house created for the Philippine Centennial celebration of 1998. It features a bronze equestrian statue (on horseback) of Aguinaldo set on a marble pedestal. This statue  is surrounded by the Declaration of The Philippine Independence Mural (series of black marble walls containing the entire Declaration written in Spanish along with Signatories from the 98 delegates.)

2. The Iconic Front Window
p4211292t_17887915545_oDuring the independence celebration, the Philippine flag designed by Emilio Aguinaldo was formally unfurled to the people of the nation from the front window of the house. It is also the time when our national anthem was heard! This part of the mansion was once included on the Five peso bill notes.

3. Emilio Aguinaldo’s Tombp4211425t_17700501200_oBehind the mansion lies garden with a marble tomb where the first president is interred.Aguinaldo died on February 6, 1964, at the age of 94 at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in Quezon City. The same year, the government declared the mansion as a National Shrine on June 18 through Republic Act of 4039 signed by President Diosdado Macapagal.

4. Aguinaldo’s Personal Effects and Memorabilia
p4211333t_18047086925_oThe ground floor of the mansion houses a museum of Aguinaldo’s memorabilia and other historical artifacts. Some of the notable items or personal belongings of the late president includes the  Vara De Mano  or Ceremonial mace, swords, caps, badges, uniforms, Rayadillo Pants and Shirt (the picture above) and a whole lot more. 

5. The Secret Tunnel aaaaaaab_17423387504_oThey said that Aguinaldo Shrine is a house filled with secrets simply because of the many hidden places like this tunnel.  There are secret compartments everywhere where items can be hid and there are tunnels that will take you to other nearby places in Kawit. This concrete tunnel will actually lead you to Saint Mary Magdalene Church. The tunnel, however, is no longer accessible on both ends as it is already filled with water.