Island Hopping In Burias : Tinalisayan Island And Sandbar

The Island of Animasola is truly a sight to behold (Check : Animasola Island) but Tinalisayan is another beauty to marvel! Almost an hour away from the island of Animasola comes another island which goes by the name of Tinalisayan. It doesn’t have those stratified rock formation that we saw from Animasola or those naturally […]


Dubai-Based Supermodel and Fitness Guru Rania Gamal Promotes Philippines As a MUST SEE Summer Destination For Middle Eastern Travelers

Manila, Philippines, May 09, 2017 -With summer holiday just around the corner, Dubai-based celebrity, model and fitness guru Rania Gamal went to the Philippines recently to discover breathtaking places that will surely enjoy by people living in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East region and will be the perfect getaway destination for the […]


Island Hopping In Burias : Animasola Island

After passing by the Iniwaran Island (Check : A Glimpse of Iniwaran Island / Templo Island) and after few more minutes of clashing against waves, we finally reached our next destination. If we are going to list the islands in Burias, Masbate based on their popularity, this one is absolutely a top charter! The island […]